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Nikita: Roleplay
Nikita is taking down Division. Roleplay as her, Alex, Michael, one of the other agents, or create your own OC. All welcome
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Nikita: The Days After Division
Nikita, Michael, Alex, Owen and Birkhoff have successfully taken down Division in this RP. Amanda is locked behind bars for good and Percy is dead, along with the black boxes. Although one threat is gone, another remains and has gained power: Gogol.
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Nikita Roleplay
Nikita Roleplay. *PRIVATE* Millie55 and Poisoned Fire ONLY! :)
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Nikita: A New Mission
Division is destroyed, Gogol is no longer a threat, and the crew is finally settling into a peaceful life of mission-free bliss. That is, until an unexpected visitor shows up at Nikita's doorstep, claiming to be the retired assassin's daughter. What will Nikita's reaction be and what terrors are following the mysterious woman? Join in the fun and let's find out.
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Nikita-An Exclusive RP
Nikita. Michael. Amanda. Ryan. Owen. Sean. Alex. Birkhoff. Sonya. Percy. Now each is in their other form by another person. Is that you? I don't know... Exclusive. Come By Invite From Me Only.
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New Nikita RP
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Nikita: Training in Division
Okay so this idea somehow started during a Twitter conversation. Basically you can create an OC if you want, it can be based off yourself, and you get to go through the training as part of Division. You can have pretty much anyone train you in anything... not really sure where it'll all go though.
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Nikita Fans
Any Nikita fan come here; relax and chat and talk about whatever you want, but try to stay around the Nikita topic, eh? Have fun. :
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Nikita Canon OC RP
Nikita is plotting to take-down Division. Roleplay either her, Alex, Michael, or one of the many Division agents standing against her.
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What did you think of Season 3 finale?
(SPOLIERS) what did you think about the finale? What do you think about how Michael and Nikita ended the season.
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Nikki and Alex
Amanda has captured Alex and Nikita both. She doesn't plan to drug anyone but wants to torture both of them. Roleplay as Amanda n say how would Amanda torture both of them.
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Alex and Nikita pairings
A forum where all Nikita fans can chat about their favorite Alex and Nikita pairings.
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