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Numb3rs Role Play
So you think you have what it takes to work with Don and his team at the FBI? Or are you working with Charlie, Amita, and Larry to solve a tough problem? Well, you've come to the right place then.
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Numb3rs talk
Just a place where people can talk about Numb3rs.
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The FBI of Numb3rs
All about Don, David, Colby, Megan, Liz, everybody!
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Search Numb3rs
For people that are looking for a fanfiction that they once read but have forgotten the title and the summery and need a little help.
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Charlie and Don
Anything about the brothers.
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Numb3rs Discussion
General Numb3rs discussion focusing on Q's about family members.
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We Love Math Geeks!
Wanna chat about Charlie, Larry, and math in general? Quantum theorists allowed! ::teehee::
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Numb3rs Rox!
Crappy, generic title, but it is what it is. Numb3rs fans welcome.
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Threoretical talk
care to discuss your take on some of the concepts discussed in Numb3rs
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Studying the Numb3rs
We all use math every day. To predict weather, to tell time, to handle money math is more than formulas and equations it's logic, it's rationality. It's using your mind to solve the greatest mysteries we know.
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All about the Numb3rs
very random. post anything you want. WOOOHOOOO! NUMB3RS! Hopefully a plotbunny forum. Any plotbunnies whatsoever.
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The life of Numb3rs
A place to discuss the show or even just talk in general
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Samgirl1's Stories
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Are Larry and Megan still together?
I know he's coming out of the monastery and she's going to be leaving but I can't really figure this one out! :
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Michelle's Worst Nightmare
This is a storie about how I see the Eppes family helping out others. There is some slash in it and some talk about rape but the rape is not in detail. I stick at summarys please read to understand more.
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the music in Numb3rs
brilliant songs in each episode but you're not able to find them because you don't know thier title/singer. let's help each other to find them.
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This is a forum which leads to a petition to save NUMB3RS season 6 from being cut short from 22 episodes to 16 . Also for it to be renewed for a 7th season and not scrapped.
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Numb3rs Fic Ideas
This is a forum where you can leave your fic ideas that you'd like to see written by me and I will do my best to write them for you as I can!
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