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The Office is FUNNY!
Talk about your favorite episodes of the office!
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Dunder-Mifflin Paper: 25 Year Later
*Active!* Ten years after the finale of The Office, Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company met it's end through bankruptcy. It was the end of an era. Since the closing of Dunder-Mifflin Paper, the children of our favorite employees have made a pact: When they're all in their 20s, they're going to restart the company that brought their parents together. It started as a joke, but 25 years after The Office Finale, CeCe and Phillip Halpert have decided to cash it in...
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The Office : Story Ideas
Got a story idea, but you're not sure if anyone would be interested? Want some help with your story? Just want to talk about everyones favorite show? Come on in.
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Gareth is a Benny The Office UK
Forum for those of us that adore the brilliant original UK 'The Office'. I've only found very few fellow UK Office lovers...where are all of you?
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Dwight and Angela
Do you miss Dwight and Angela? Come here to talk about the best Dwangela scenes!
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Discuss all things JAM. Speculations to future Jam moments, reminisce about past Jam moments and talk about what a pig Roy is!
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Awful, but sometimes Awesome Ryan&Kelly
Okay, so she's crazy and he's sort of mean, but they're pretty adorable together, you have to admit that! This a forum for all the fans of Kelly and Ryan the quirkiest, cutest coupleexcouple at DunderMifflin.
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The Office, inside Dunder Mifflin
A role-play for your favorite Office characters! Come on in, we don't bite!
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