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Once Upon a Time Roleplay
This is an rp where you can create an OC or play as a character from the show : how much longer until everyone remembers again?
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OUAT roleplay
Welcome to the world of Once upon a time. Oc welcome.
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OUAT Roleplay: For those of us lost at heart
A Once Upon A Time, roleplay forum. (Private/CLOSED)
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Captain Swan! RP
Let's explore our favorite couple from OUAT Captain/Swan (ocs welcome)
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Once Upon a Time RP
Another -yet amazing- OUAT RP! ACTIVE! - We need a lot of characters for our plot to go on! Jefferson, Hook, Henry, Neal, etc. We could also use a love interest for Ruby! It's never too late to join and we love new members!
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Once Upon a Roleplay!
Yet another Once Upon a Time Roleplay! Come join as a canon or an OC!
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Once Upon a AU
**Now A Private Forum**
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Once upon a time
Come and rp your favorite fairy tale character
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Once Upon A Time RP
Starting right after the Season 3 Finale (all characters on the show are playable and you can also create your own just wait for my approval and ROLEPLAY everyone have a good time :)
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Once Upon A Time, Roleplay!
Claim a canon character or make your own OC! Come and join in! :
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Once upon a time rp
Have you ever wanted to role play as your favorite characters? Come join us in storybrooke. Follows the show and starts at season 1 You can create an Oc or claim a cannon, all characters are up for grabs, first come first serve.(Need mods) open and looking for members.
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Roleplay for once upon a time Oc's allowed Active
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Once Upon A Time Roleplay
*NEW!* [Continuation RP] Welcome to my OUAT RP! come play as a canon or make your very own OC! *All topics!*
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Storybrooke: Unwritten Future
Come on in and play as your favorite character, or create a Original character to add in to the story line. Various topics seasons 1-4 all included! AU topics included as well! [NEW/OPEN]
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Bienvenidos a Storybrooke
Bienvenidos, pasad al primer foro en español dedicado a la serie "Once Upon a Time", el mágico show donde personajes de cuento se reúnen en un mismo lugar, el pueblo de Storybrooke. Date una vuelta por nuestro foro, cuéntanos sobre ti o participa en alguno de nuestros retos, estaremos encantados de tenerte aquí.
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Captain Swan RP
RP for CaptainSwan in once upon a time *active*
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Once Upon A Time roleplayyyy
Feel free to join if you love Once Upon A Time!
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Once Upon a Roleplay
AU. Maleficent, seeking revenge on Princess Aurora and her family, casts a Dark Curse over the Enchanted Forest, disrupting the lives of countless fairy tale characters. Only the Savior, the son of Prince Phillip and Sleeping Beauty, can break the curse and restore everyone's happy endings.
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Welcome to Storybrooke
Have you ever wanted to enter the magical world of Storybrooke and be friends with Emma, Regina, or the others? Have you ever wanted to be the girlfriend/boyfriend of Captain Hook or Mulan? Just enter this magical world and it'll take you wherever you wish: Storybrooke or maybe even the Enchanted Forest. Come and enter, maybe this'll make your dreams come true.
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Where There's Magic
Come and fight with us as a canon or OC! What new evils will we face?
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OUAT Roleplay!
How much drama can one town possibly take? Answer: Lots if it's a magical town full of Fairy Tale characters! Lots of characters available and Oc's accepted! Come on in and join! Now includes a Storybrooke High Roleplay! You know what that means! More drama in mini (and not so mini )sized characters!
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- ONCE UPON A TIME Roleplay -
***ACTIVE as of April, 2016*** A fresh new Once Upon a Time Roleplay. Character Claim and Original Character Creation (OC). Everyone is welcome! PLEASE JOIN!
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Careful the Tale You Tell, That is the Spell
A new Once Upon a Time RP! Come in and make a character or claim one if you wish. You are free to RP in Frozen Storybrooke, The Missing Year, or even Storybrooke in 1983 if you so wish, and many, many more. AU topics can also be added! All characters open except Regina.
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The Once Upon a Time RP
Ever wanted to send your OCs to Storybrooke? To face off against Fairytale villains from all over the Enchanted Forest? Hop on in, and remember, all magic, comes with a price.
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Once Upon A Time
Discuss episodes, plotlines, character backstory etc. about the new show on ABC Sundays before Desperate Housewives.
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