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Orange is the New Black Roleplay
Welcome to Litchfield two point nothing! Come here to Roleplay in the coolest prison on the planet. Be a guard, inmate hell even a chicken we aren't prejudice!
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Orange Is The New Black
If you're a fan of OINTB, don't be afraid to post here :)
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Behind Locked Bars
An Orange is the new black roleplay. Not sure when it's going to be set, but i'll figure it out when more people join the roleplay. OCs and canons available.
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L'histoire du binĂ´me, avec un nouvelle angle et de nouvelles intrigues .
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Team Flaritza
"Two unique individuals sharing one nickname" Come on, they're OITNB's only OTP. Let's discuss everything about these two from Season 1 to 5.
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Looking for specific story
Hoping it's ok to post here. I am looking for a specific story about Vauseman. It has piper who has been in prison for a while and has suffered an injury where she covers one side of her face. Alex arrives and tries to talk to piper and Piper is kind of harsh with her. Please help if you can
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