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The Originals: Shadows Unleashed
Eight Years... Eight years have passed, since the Hallow rampaged through New Orleans. Kol and Davina are in San Francisco, rekindling a relationship thought gone. Marcel and Rebekah are in New York City, catching up on lost time. Elijah is playing music in France, why Klaus is traveling the world. However, around Mystic Falls, in the darkest of shadows, a new evil begins to stir. Lurking ever closer to the light... *Forum has now closed. A reboot , simply called Shadow's Unleashed, will soon be posted*
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Always and Forever: A TO Roleplay
*ACTIVE APRIL 2018* This is an AU set bet between Seasons 3 and 4 of The Originals (which lines up with about a year after the The Vampire Diaries finale). In this, instead of all the Mikaelsons going into a dream-like world, until Hayley can fix them, we're saying that the Mikaelsons were fine, and they decided to send Hope to Mystic Falls to attend the Boarding School that Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes-Salvatore opened up in Stefan Salvatore's name.
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Originals Roleplaying
This will be for Original based Roleplays and Chats. Feel free to join (:
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The Originals: Foundations (RPG)
The Mikaelson's have established themselves as founders of a blooming colony, New Orleans. Though, such things usually never just go off without a hitch. *Pre-series, OC and Canons allowed*
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The Originals: Lover's Quarrel
New Orleans is a funny place. Magic, vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids. You name it, it's probably there. Find all your favourite Original Characters here. THE ORIGINALS/THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
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The Originals AU
Welcome to New Orleans. The Originals' supernatural playground that is now being ruled by Marcel. Klaus wants his kingdom back and he will accomplish this by any means necessary. Will he succeed and become the King or have to succumb to the rulership of Marcel.
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The Originals and Vampire Diaries Roleplay
Well title says it all. This is a crossover between the Originals and the vampire diaries. Starting from season one of TVD ( so haley is not pregnant). All characters will be in the Roleplay from the start. *Active*
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The Originals
Welcome to New Orleans. Be an Original, vampire, werewolf or witch. New and active
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The Original: Shadows of the Night
A alternative universe telling of the Originals storyline where Klaus had used Katherine to break the Hybrid Curse.
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Originals RPG Forum
Klaus is on a mission to take down his protégé, Marcel, who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. Set between episodes 9 and 10.
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The Originals: Through Love, Death & Betrayal
It's the end of TVD season 3, Klaus has just been supposedly killed and now Rebekah is out for blood to stop Alaric while Elijah fears he's about to lose any chance to make amends with Katherine. This roleplay will retell season 4 focusing on Katherine and the Mikaelsons (and possibly others), instead of revolving around Elena & the Salvatores. Strict with OCs, but there is room for them. *ACTIVE as of July, 21st '18*
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The Originals Roleplay
We've met Marcel, but who else from The Originals past is on their way into town?(OC's welcome for all sides of the war. I'm fairly lenient on my rules depending on which ones they are but I DO have rules.)
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The Originals & TVD Roleplay
An Originals Roleplay. This RP takes place between Seasons 3 & 4. Klaus's Sire Link has been broken, but what happens next? You can create your own OC's and/or play a cannon and go from there! You make your own character's future! Meanwhile, in the TVD universe, Lillian Salvatore and her heretics are new to Mystic Falls. You can create your own characters and they can be a heretic (limited positions) or an opposer. Make your characters now!
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The Originals: Butterflies on a Wheel
*CLOSED as of April 2018*
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The Originals - Always and Forever
The original family, along with their allies, are in a battle to defeat The Hollow, an ancient all-powerful witch who has resurrected herself by taking Elijah's life. His soul is tucked away into a magical pendant by Freya, but a quick glimpse reveals he is in anguish. Now the most powerful being in history has access to the world and Elijah suffers within a realm his family can not save him from. How will this story end? You be the judge. *Advanced Roleplay* *Brand new and active*
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Darkness to Light
This is after Hayley is in a safe place with Hope and her husband and Dahlia's still alive. You can choose your favorite cannon characters. You can make your own vampires,wolves,witches,and hybrids You can choose your own allies and alliances.
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TVD & TO: Legacies Of The Fallen
Imagine a world where the supernatural exist. Imagine a world where all of these dark fairy tale beings lived their life's day by day, night by night for years; until one day they die. The town of Mystic Falls and the people who live in it, New Orleans once home to the all mighty Mikaelson Original family, countless stories have been told in their name. All those people who came before, their time is over...now it's time for the legacy they left behind.
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OC Originals
vampire, a werewolf, or a witch animal or human blood history any sub notes
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The originals
We are here to talk about any misunderstanding you may have with the story I posted about the originals. As well as to see your opinions on what I wrote...
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The Singularity
Private Roleplay with an AU plot that takes place in the Originals/TVD universe.
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A filha perdida de Aqua Marine
Solar o Deus do sol sequestros a filha de Aqua marine a deusa da água. Onde será que essa menina foi parar? kristal uma menina cheia de amigos e alegre. Ela tinha um melhor amigo que se chamava Luizy mais era conhecido como Luizinho. Ele era filho da deusa da Luz. Heart, era um feitiçeiro que morava na floresta dos seres místicos. Ele que achou Kristal na rua e a adotou.
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Story Idea's or Challenges 7
Hi I'm not so great at writing stories so I'm posting a list of ideas if people are interested
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