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Since thre is on Offical forum I guess I'll start one
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I have a couple of plot ideas for an Orphan Black Roleplay, since there doesn't seem to be one happening at the moment. Come inside and claim a character!
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A Roleplay That Hasn't Been Done
It's a roleplay! Come and play, and join the Clone Club!
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Orphan Black
Dyad, Proletheans, not to mention the clones... Honestly what else could be thrown at her plate? All she wanted was a safe life with Kira. But... that Utopia only seems to grow further away as time passes. Join Sarah Manning as she defends the bond which exists between parent and child against the Neolutionists and Proletheans. You can claim a cannon character or create your own whether it'd be a clone, a prolethean, a cop, whichever, be original and have fun!
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