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Original Ranger Teams Roleplay
Rangers wielding the powers of video games, ragtag survivors on an alien planet, teenagers sucked into a world of magic—create or join a Power Ranger team and bring it to life with other roleplayers. Don't be intimidated by our size; we are still very active and always happy to see a new face as of 2020.
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Power Rangers and Kamen Rider Crossover Role Play
Come on in and join the ranks of either the Kamen Riders or the Power Rangers. Come fight new threats and work together to defeat the forces of evil.
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Power Rangers Elite
Enlist in the Power Rangers Elite, The best of the best. Join the team of original characters as you fight against the evil rangers known as the spectre swarm.
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Power Rangers roleplaying
For anyone who wants to roleplay with Power Rangers or just talk about the show :)
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Power Rangers rp
Please come in, create your own ranger or villain if you want. 5 or 6 rangers please though we can have at least two teams if need be. Also can create non ranger/villain characters like the civilian who can be friends with the Rangers or just that filler character like in the shows.
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Power Rangers Beast Morphers X
The Continuation of a RPG set in the Beast Morphers Era, as Beast Rangers collide with all sorts of wild new friends and foes.
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Power Rangers Roleplay
The world is in danger once again, it needs a hero to rise up and save it...or a team of heroes. The power of the rangers is calling, will you answer? Original Ranger Team Forum, OC based. All welcome.
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Power Rangers Dino Thunder Role Play
Come and play as your fave character or create your own!
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The Original Ranger Teams Forum
Want to promote your original ranger teams? Or do you want to post an idea for an original team? If so, this is your forum. To all visitors, if you want to be involved in the forum, go ahead and introduce yourself in the Introductions Thread.
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Power rangers rp
A power ranger rp for every one
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This is a perfect opportunity to tell me whose your favorite couple. No Slash please. I will write my two piece who they are so. Please write as much as you want.
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Power Rangers Dino Hypercharge RP
The original Dino Charge Rangers have moved on and now a new host take over while the Original Dino Charge Rangers serve as mentors to our new batch of Rangers
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Power Rangers RP
Trakeena has returned with a vengeance. Her forces are powerful and are building quickly. Jen returns from the future and recruits five other rangers to help defeat her. Roleplay one of these five.
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Story Idea
Post your story ideas for help or feedback from others on the site.
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Power Rangers rp
5 or 6 rangers. villans also accepted. Please register! annoying reporters work too!
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Power ranger RP
New storys from new rangers
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Power Rangers 2017
It's been three weeks, Rita has been bitch slapped into space, and Goldar has been destroyed as well. The Rangers go back to their normal lives at Angel Grove High School, dealing with bullies and the like. However, Rita's warning about not being the only evil coming for the Zeo Crystal are quickly proven true, when Zordon senses a massive evil rapidly heading for Earth. It's up to the Power Rangers to protect the Zeo Crystal, and their planet. (SIDE NOTE: Tommy Oliver is FEMALE!)
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Power Ranger Role Play (MMPR Era)
This takes place in the Era of the six original rangers. Play as one of the canons, or make up your own ranger, to fight off Lord Zedds evil minions, who are bent on destroying the earth. Or create a monster of your own, and give the evil Emporer a run for his money. OC's welcome.
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Things We Hate About The PR Fandom
Have something that is irritating you about the fandom? Get it off your chest here. Be it rangers acting OOC to cliche plots to MarySue/GaryStus.
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World of Rangers
The world of Rangers. Be any one you want.
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Power Rangers Ultra Mega
Once again, a new generation of heroes will step up and protect the Earth from the evils of space! The Ultra Mega Power Rangers are Earth's newest defenders and won't back down or run from a fight! New heroes mean new villains as well. A new army of evil has come to Earth and it's up to the Ultra Mega Power Rangers to save the planet, just like the Rangers before them.
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PR Samurai
What do u think of the new PowerRanger season?
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Slash couples
What you favorite slash couples from PR Note:If you don't like slashs don't read this forum.
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Power Rangers RP
A power rangers RP for fans of all seasons! *Basically a ranger reunion, along with the R.P.M and S.P.D rangers* {active}
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Anyone wanna talk about the ever so controversial couple, just come on in. Post your opinion, just keep it clean and mature.
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