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Original Ranger Teams Roleplay
Rangers wielding the powers of video games, ragtag survivors on an alien planet, teenagers sucked into a world of magic—create or join a Power Ranger team and bring it to life with other roleplayers.
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Power Rangers (Oc only)
Make your own power ranger oc and roleplay! Villian spots are limited.
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World of Rangers
The world of Rangers. Be any one you want.
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Power Rangers rp
Please come in, create your own ranger or villain if you want. 5 or 6 rangers please though we can have at least two teams if need be. Also can create non ranger/villain characters like the civilian who can be friends with the Rangers or just that filler character like in the shows.
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Power Rangers Ninja Storm RP
This is a Power Rangers Ninja Storm RP. Enjoy!
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Power Rangers: Cyber Force
Earth has been at peace for centuries, the Powers Rangers haven't been needed to defend the world as well and haven't been needed so as time went on, the many Rangers of the past have just become memories and legends. But now a new threat has risen, a mad scientist has started to bring the back some of the Rangers greatest enemies ever. Now a new Ranger team must be created to combat this threat or Earth will fall into chaos.
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Power Rangers Ultra Mega
Once again, a new generation of heroes will step up and protect the Earth from the evils of space! The Ultra Mega Power Rangers are Earth's newest defenders and won't back down or run from a fight! New heroes mean new villains as well. A new army of evil has come to Earth and it's up to the Ultra Mega Power Rangers to save the planet, just like the Rangers before them.
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Western Force
An Evil has awoken and it is up to a team of descendants of the greatest lawmen and outlaws of the wild west to stop it.
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Power Rangers d20
Here, you can join the battle against evil, one dice roll at a time! Level up, fight monsters, socialize, and most importantly: have fun!
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Power rangers Sea guardian Rp
Rp for for the next Solaris Force series: Sea guardian
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Power Rangers: Anime Rangers
A new spin on power rangers. The chosen rangers get their powers from anime series. they have to learn to fight to defeat the villains.
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Power Rangers RP!
A place for Power Rangers Jungle Fury fans to come and role play!
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Power Rangers Forever
A Final battle for Earth ensues as three new teams of power rangers battle a new and highly dangerous warrior arrives looking to take over the earth. this warrior has the ability to bring back any evil that was defeated by the Power Rangers that hasn't been destroyed and sent to the underworld. this evil being is called kingkaid and it's species is Draven. Kingkaid brings back Lothor and octaroo as well as their minions, the Kelzacks and Moogers. the Rangers consist of a new team of ninja storm rangers, sam
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Ranger Seasons RP
We are starting off with "Mighty Morphin" Season 1, episode 17.
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