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Pretty Little Liars
Over a year ago. Alison DiLauarentis went missing, and hasn't been seen since. Until her body was found, now with Aria Hanna Emily and Spencer's secrets and lies are now in the hands of the mysterious "A". Join Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer, as they try to remember what actually happened the night that Alison DiLaurentis was killed. - This role-play is very open and alive. -
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Pretty little liars,
Join if you want to. ROLEPLAY!
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Pretty Little Liars
A place to talk about the show and share ideas for Fanfics. Now including a Roleplay
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Pretty Little Liars 1x1 RPs
If you want to do a 1x1 with anyone.
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Pretty Little Liars
Are you bored? If so, this is the place you are looking for! This is a fun, friendly Pretty Little Liars roleplay. All of us are friendly and we want to spread the joy of Roleplay so come in a join us. : WELCOME! -
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Pretty Little Liars
Come play as your fave pll character or make your own.
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PLL RolePlay!
Come here to roleplay Pretty Little Liars! Please ask the admin or mods before joining!
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Pretty Little Liars RP
Join Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily to find out who -A is in this Pretty Little Liars RP.
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Be a main character or an OC.
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PLL RP, Come have some fun!
Come have some fun with other PLL fans! RP! Please join! Needing more characters!
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Pretty Little Liars RP ACTIVE
A RP for Pretty Little Liars. Not Currently accepting Original Characters. Only Moderators can create Forum Topics, so if you would like to be considered as a Moderator, please Private Message me.
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Pretty Little Liars Canon OC RP
Claim a canon or create an OC to play in the fictional Pretty Little Liars television show.
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Liars Unite
Hey you Liars fans! I personally think we need a place to let our inner fangirl out. We can discuss the awesomeness of PLL, help with writing, and generally have an EPICLY FUN time with our fellow crazy people! :P
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Pretty Little Liars Roleplay!
Come here to roleplay your favorite character from the TV Show and books!
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LETS GET PLL IN TOP 100 Categories
So I work from my iPod alot and read Alot and it was been pissing me off that pll is like 102 in shows by count of stories. I thInk we should all work together to do short drabbles and oneshots to push us to spot 100 or higher
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Welcome to Rosewood, Pennsylvania; population 7989. Rosewood is a seemingly quaint town, twenty miles outside of Philadelphia, where its beautiful facade covers up ugly lies, and dark secrets. /Active Roleplay/
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Pretty Little Liars: A Is Back, Bitches
*Active 2018* All the Season's Including the Legacies, All Oc's are unlimited.
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A Pretty Little Liars Roleplay
A roleplay for the show pretty little liars, based off the season 2 summer as in mid season finale finale. Any questions, just ask.
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Pretty Little Roleplay
Anyone who wants to roleplay or discuss PLL, come here!
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Pretty little liars roleplay
Ever wanted to be a pretty little liar? Well here is your chance! Be your favourite character or create a brand new one. All you have to do is join this roleplay! I am going to be Aria.
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Pretty Little Liars Femmeslash RP
Femmeslash in the PLL world.
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Pretty Little Roleplay
I know there are a lot of these, but here's a fresh start. New friends, new characters, new storyline..join the fun!
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The Liar Awards
Welcome to The Liar Awards. This is where you can enter monthly prompts and vote for your favourite author and story to win the Liar Awards!
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Pretty Little Liars Roleplay
We all have secrets. Especially those dark secrets that you want to keep buried. Unfortunately for you, A's waiting with a shovel in hand, ready to uncover all your secrets and A isn't likely to keep it to herself for much longer.
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Pretty Little Liars : Official
Here is the official fan pretty little liars fourm come in look around... Hope ya love it!:
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