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Pretty Little Liars
Over a year ago. Alison DiLauarentis went missing, and hasn't been seen since. Until her body was found, now with Aria Hanna Emily and Spencer's secrets and lies are now in the hands of the mysterious "A". Join Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer, as they try to remember what actually happened the night that Alison DiLaurentis was killed. - This role-play is very open and alive. -
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Pretty Little Liars 1x1 RPs
If you want to do a 1x1 with anyone.
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Welcome to Rosewood, Pennsylvania; population 7989. Rosewood is a seemingly quaint town, twenty miles outside of Philadelphia, where its beautiful facade covers up ugly lies, and dark secrets. /Active Roleplay/
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Pretty little liars roleplay
Ever wanted to be a pretty little liar? Well here is your chance! Be your favourite character or create a brand new one. All you have to do is join this roleplay! I am going to be Aria.
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PLL AU couples RP
Basically, this RP has the same story line with A and all that in PLL, but with AU couples. Only a few OC's will be excepted. Tell me what couples you'd like to see!
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The Pretty Little Liars Roleplay
Four friends are the targets of an unknown source. Will they be able to survive and stick together? Or will their deepest, dark secrets drive a wedge between them? This is your time to find out. This is a Pretty Little Liar type of roleplay, though it will be complete OC's with NO CANONS involved whatsoever.
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Pretty Little Liars Roleplay
Hello fellow PLL obbsessers! Welcome to my Pretty Little Liars RolePlay forum, I will give topics and we can Roleplay them. Yay!
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Pretty Little Liars RP
This is pretty little liars and you can do stuff! I don't know what to say...
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The Story of Us
Let me tell you a story about two girls. One of them was a poor immigrants daughter. The other was the daughter of a former Broadway director. They fell in love. This sounds like a fairy tale. It seems like it is but this is real. This is my story. The story of how me and my wife met and how we fell in love. This is the story of us. This is the story I will tell my grandchildren and maybe even my great grandchildren.
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