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The Anomaly Research Centre
More and more Anomalies have been appearing lately. These gateways in time allow long exstinct creatures from distant era's to threaten the present. However, there is the Anomaly Research Centre. The ARC studies and predicts the Anomalies, and fights the creatures that come through them. Join the ARC and help protect Humanity from the creatures...If you survive, that is.
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Primeval Writer's Guild
For the discussion of writing, posting and technical issues and the collection of advice on anything related to writing fanfiction for this series.
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Primeval Fanfiction Discussion
Post about your favourite PrimevalITV fanfiction, what you liked, what you hated, voice your opinion, post your recs, leave feedback.
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Primeval Anomaly Revival Community ARC
This is the ARC. the Anomaly Revival Community. it has been created so that those who wish to can join with us and create the perfect 4th series. if ITV wont give us one then we will make our own. so please Join the ARC and keep Primeval alive with us. al
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A forum for the I.T.V Scifi show Primeval
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Fic Prompts and Recs
A place to exchange Primeval fic recs and prompts.
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Before the end
Before the end, we must all fight, we have to win and we can NOT give up.
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What About Lester?
All right, we all know about Cutter and Caudia/Jeanny, but what about Sir James Lester? His personal life is still a mystery, but what if his dear wife will come into action? Your musings and suggestions are more than welcome!
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