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Pineapples and Crime Scenes: a Psych Roleplay
Roleplay. Meet people. Create or claim characters. Solve Cases with Santa Barbara's finest. Discuss the show. Chat. All in one forum. Join now!
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Psych Roleplay
There's no real plot yet, but basically come here and roleplay. This IS active, and currently only Shawn and Gus are taken. OC's are welcome, though there will be a limit.
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I coudn't believe that there was no Psych forums. So I made one. This is for talking about anything and everything Psychesh!
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The Official Psych Writers' Corner
Come on in to discuss your ideas for stories, what kinds of things you like to see in a Psych fic, what problems you face writing fics with these characters and how to solve them, and more!
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For Writers
This forum contains everything that a Psych writer wants to know. Common fanfiction errors, why Shules is the best pairing ever, how to make your Psych fic better... Check out my advertisement for this fic, "For Writers Who Need A Good Kick In The... Well, You Get The Idea" to have a sneak preview of what the forum's about. Have fun reading!
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The Official Psych Roleplay
This is the official psych roleplay that is open to anyone who wants to join. You can either be one of the characters or make up your own OC. Let the fun begin. :
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Psych out!
Come here to talk about everything Psych. Discussions, story ideas, and just plain fun!
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Psych Roleplay
Roleplay as an OC or character for each role playing bit!
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I came on here and saw that there were no Shules forums, so I made one.
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Psyched out forum!
Just talk about Psych if your a psych lunatic like me!
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What's up with Shassie?
A friend and I are writing a paper and one of the sections in this paper deals with the concept of Shassie, or Shawn/Lassiter. We have questions regarding this relationship, which will be detailed in the forum topics. We are simply gathering research for our paper and would love to have input on this topic. Some responses will be quoted in our research paper. Please do not post any topics other than the ones that are already posted.
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Psych Private Roleplay
a private psych roleplay between snailfreak and the march hatter.
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if you want to challenge me to a write a story, this is how you do it. You post an idea and i'll see if i can write a story using it.
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Head Quarters for all PSYCHOS!
Talk about anything PSYCH here. Who's your favorite character? Which episode is your favorite? Has Lassie killed anybody secretly? Come and talk!
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Challenge Me!
I'm too indecisive about what to write next and these challenges look like fun so I would love for someone to give me ideas to work with. I will do slash and everything if you want so just know that anything is cool, and I'll try to write a well-written,
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Mary Lightly
It's just so mean! Why is there no forum for Mary! He is briliant.! Well, this is a forum for our bestes friend, and mate: Mary Lightly.
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