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Reign Roleplay
IN ENGLISH! Roleplay as any character from the beloved series - Reign!
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Long May She Reign
*ACTIVE* Queen Mary of Scots has just arrived in France after an attempt on her life in the convent she once called home. Desperately trying to stay safe, Mary finds herself thrown in the midst of France's political games. High stakes have made their way into her life, and she soon may end up getting more than she bargained for. *Set in Season One*
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Long May She Reign
RP For Reign! All are welcome! What happens, happens and what happens in the rp stays in the rp.
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Reign Roleplay
Come and Join Reign and explore the period. Experience alliances, romance and drama. Start off in Season 1
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Reign RP - Private Forum
This is a role play for The Regboner Queen and Dame River Queen. If we decide to allow others this will be updated with a notice saying so.
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La Reina de nada
Bienvenidos al primer foro en Español de la Serie Reign, dedicado a promover la creacion de fics en español de esta serie,aqui podran encontrar encuestas retos, compartir opiniones y mucho mas
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Reign. A historical drama. TV characters are within the roleplay, but the storyline is different.
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The Petals that Fall
News, updates, contests, and discussions circling the The Petals that Fall trilogy.
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Although Queen of Scots, welcome to Mary's French court! You may create your own character (so long as he/she has a story line) or use one of the original characters!
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