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Reign Roleplay
IN ENGLISH! Roleplay as any character from the beloved series - Reign!
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Reign: New Life
This is an English roleplay. you can create your own characters or claim any favorite cannon characters
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Reign Roleplay
Come and Join Reign and explore the period. Experience alliances, romance and drama. Start off in Season 1
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Long May She Reign
RP For Reign! All are welcome! What happens, happens and what happens in the rp stays in the rp.
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Reign RP - Private Forum
This is a role play for The Regboner Queen and Dame River Queen. If we decide to allow others this will be updated with a notice saying so.
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La Reina de nada
Bienvenidos al primer foro en Español de la Serie Reign, dedicado a promover la creacion de fics en español de esta serie,aqui podran encontrar encuestas retos, compartir opiniones y mucho mas
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Reign. A historical drama. TV characters are within the roleplay, but the storyline is different.
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The Petals that Fall
News, updates, contests, and discussions circling the The Petals that Fall trilogy.
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Although Queen of Scots, welcome to Mary's French court! You may create your own character (so long as he/she has a story line) or use one of the original characters!
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