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[ACTIVE 2017] Rated: Mature. Intermediate/Advanced Paragraph Roleplay. Original Characters Welcome. Canons Available.
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Welcome to Riverdale: The Town With Pep!
Welcome to Riverdale, where there are mysteries and secrets around every corner. Join as your favorite character or make an OC and help solve the enigma that is Riverdale.
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Riverdale - Not All Is At It Seems
Welcome to Riverdale, this town isn't all peaches and cream though. Come join the many families that make up the quiet little town, or is it so quiet anymore? Be a Blossom, an Andrews, a Cooper, or any of the other families that make up the quaint town. OC and Canon friendly. In English, Active, Invite Only.
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Riverdale Fanfiction Challenges
A place for Riverdale writers to come in and find inspiration, make new friends, and write.
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Riverdale: Thicker Than Blood
*ACTIVE* This forum follows two different stories. The Town With Pep follows the story of our Riverdale residents 25 years later! Play as the children of some of your favorite couples: Bughead, Varchie, and more! The Riverdale Archives is set almost 50 years before that, playing with some of our favorite parents (Alice Cooper, Fred Andrews, etc.) when they were experiencing their own trials and tribulations in high school.
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Riverdale: The Black Hood Returns
Riverdale has calmed slightly since Sheriff Keller killed the Black Hood, but did he really kill the right man? That's a question settled in the back of Archie's mind, although he doesnt want to worry his friends or family with the thought. Everyone is focussing on the musical, but what's lurking beyond the shadows? And who's plotting right in front of their faces? Set right before Season 2 Episode 18.
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Riverdale Story Ideas
T and M rated Riverdale forum to come up with new ideas for Riverdale stories. (15 and up.)
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Riverdale roleplay
Our story is about a town; a small town and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like so many other small towns all over the world...safe, decent, innocent. Get closer though and you start seeing the shadows underneath. The name of our town is "Riverdale". Come create your own character, or claim canons and spin your own web of secrets and lies. (FOLLOW THE TABS)
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After the solution of Jason Blossom's murder, Riverdale is hanging in the limbo between major events. Canons and OCs allowed.
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Riverdale-Sinister Motives
Riverdale, a quaint small town filled with smiles and campy goodness, but, what if it is all an act? What if lurking deep within those smiles lies a menace, a threat, so big...that it would shake the town to its very foundations. Jason Blossom's murder was just the beginning...an au season two ignoring events of the season one finale and pushing for something else.
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Riverdale: The town with Pep!
Riverdale, otherwise known as, Riverhell. This small town is no longer "the town of Pep," but now the town of the Black Hood murders and the father-son murder. Citizens of this town act normal but they know, they know this is only the beginning of the darkness in Riverdale. And it all started with Jason Blossoms death. signed, Jughead Jones.
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Riverdale: Syrup Thicker Than Blood
Welcome to the town with Pep! The small maple syrup funded town was shocked by the disappearance of Jason Blossom, but even more so when he reappeared with no memories of the month he was missing. Jughead has snark, Betty has demons, Archie hides secrets, Veronica isn't your average Ice Queen, and Thornhill? Something strange is going on in those walls. OC Blossoms. OC Andrews. OCs welcome! *Active*
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Archie X Jughead (Jealousy)
Archie and Jughead have been friends for a while, but what happens if Reggie and Jughead start to get along now, will Archie start to get jealous that he doesn't get his bestfriend next to him, or is it that he loves him...
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The Blue and Gold
A place where fans of the show can come and discuss the episodes, as well as their favorite pairings and fanfictions. *Spoilers ahead*
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Betty Deserves Better
I always believed that Betty Cooper deserved better than Archie Andrew's roving eyes. This is a place where you can discuss whom would be better for Betty. Yes you can claim that Archie is perfect for Betty ... but I would love to read your reasoning on why. This is a perfect place to place your fan fiction recommendations ... post your fan fiction challenges ... just a fun place to hang out.
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Running away (A Bughead Story)
In episode 2x05 of Riverdale Betty and Jughead briefly discuss running away together and what if they did? That is what this story is about. Hopefully enjoy
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Queen of Riverdale
Petra Blossom had the perfect life. Captain of the archery team. Siblings that adored her and the chance to be with her crush. When Jason, her brother, is killed, Petra’s world comes crashing down... lietrally.
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What would it be like if our Core Four of Riverdale (TV show) was in relationships with our Core Four from Desendents (Disney Movie). EvieArchie, VeronicaCarlos, BettyJay, but mostly JugheadMal. I don't know if their will be profanity.
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Black and White at its Finest
Betty finds herself in a complex relationship with her serpent boyfriend. Oh, and did I forget to mention, he is the king of all of them? Jughead fights for betty and makes it known that she is his. Betty struggles with her past boyfriend, Archie, and her best friend Veronica. This romantic story takes place in Riverdale, the town with pep!
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Camplife 2
Betty meets some new friends at her new camp
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Polly and the black hood
My theory is that polly helped or is het Black Hood, because Hall said that he had a darkniss inside. That means that or Betty or Polly or both of them has a darkniss inside. Betty is trying to do the best thing and she is fighting against the "darkniss", but Polly? We don't know a thing about her and her life. She could be helping Hall or she is the Black Hood and Hall is taking the fall so she can go on with killing all of the sinners in Riverdale... Feel free to share your theory!
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Was This Really an Accident?
Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper hook up unexpectedly, they both claim they have zero feelings for eachother but was this hookup the end or a new beginning?
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