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Robin Hood roleplay
A chance to play as your Favourite characters. Closed
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Robin Hood BBC Roleplay
A pretty open Robin Hood RP allowing for seasons 1, 2 , 3, and other scenarios. Come on in and play :)
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Nottinghamshire Scribe Guild
A place for all writers of the Robin Hood BBC fandom to gather. Discuss current and upcoming fics, seek help in fixing a plot hole, challenges, contests, a plot bunny adoption center, find it here!
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Hoodies: The Robin Hoood forum for teens
the forum for teenagers who are obsessed with Robin Hood. Chat, gossip, speculate about season three, have a general laugh.
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Robin Hood Roleplay
a totally new RPG for anyone who loves Robin Hood. Fans create the story! OCs encouraged / welcome!
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Robin Hood BBC: A believable superhero Like all le
Come one, come all and talk, rant, rave, discuss the ins and outs of this fabulous show. Be it plot, dialogue, characters or how much more leather Guy can possibly don. Oh and share your fav fics as well!
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RobinHoodBBC RolePlay
Status: Open. New so many characters open! Roleplay for many different storylines. OCs welcomed :) this is STILL open.
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I still watch Robin Hood
For the few of us that still watch Robin Hood on the ole' DVD, or watched at one point and still want to talk about it.
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Let's Discuss the BBC RH WWII Don't Series by Neft
Discuss, armchair quarterback and wail if you must among a group about the "Don't" series, WWII-era AU/AT stories that transplant characters and plotlines from the BBC series set in 1192 to the Nazi-Occupied Channel Islands in the 1940s.
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Robin Hood Remix
I was and still am really depressed about the ending to both the 2nd and 3rd season of robin hood. I just wanted to see if i could get a forum together for people to give ideas bout how they think it should have ended and write fanfics bout it.
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Challenges: want 2 see a story post ur ideas here
I have a lot of ideas swirling round in my head and can't find many fics on them. So heres a 1 stop shop 2 set and coplete challenges. This way you can read fic on topics you really want 2 and see how different people might play out the same idea.
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Anything and Everything About Robin Hood
For lovers and haters alike of Robin Hood to have a good old fashioned debate/fight about why or why not Robin Hood is a great show. Opinions welcomed with open arms. Come one, come all!
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The Nottingham Fair Archery Contest
Have you ever loved a story so much that you felt reviewing for it just wasn't enough? Well now you can nominate your favorite stories to win a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Arrow!
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Robin Hood Rules
come to talk about anything Robin Hood! and or how much you dislike the bbc's endings
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Season 3 What Will They Do?
Share your anger and put forward what you think the scriptwriters will do now that they have killed off Marian, left Will/Djaq in the Holy Lands, and basically turned completely evil.
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Robin Hood series three!
Come and talk about anything to do with the new series- ideas, thoughts, what's going to happen next...anything you like really!
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Robin Hood Round Robin
A forum for anyone interested in setting up a Robin Hood Round Robin Fic.
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Escape to an Alternate Universe
Tired of canon? Need to escape it? Come here to discuss stories you've discovered, or stories you're writing.
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