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WWDD: The Druitt Diehards
The place for all the fans of Jack the Ripper/John Druitt and Helen Magnus. We are all about Magnitt love here.
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Sanctuary RPG
Sanctuary rp, canon characters perfered but OCs are welcome too!
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Debate on Sanctuary ships
As Ayla said, this one just needed to exist...
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The Awesome Ashley Magnus !
A place to discuss Ashley lives! theories, post news related to our beloved Emilie Ullerup, and generally talk about the awesomeness that is Ashley Magnus.
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FATE! Is in the air!
If you think Henry & Kate are one of the cutest couples *EVER*, this is the place to be! FATE forever!
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Sanctuary Everything!
Come here for challenges, chat, discussions... fun in print! Forum for all!
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Helen and Nikola
This is for those Sanctuary fans who prefer seeing Helen Magnus with Nikola Tesla. Talk about the actors who play them, the characters themselves and any Challenges you may think of.
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Sanctuary for All
All are welcome.
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Will and Helen
This is for all the Will and Helen fans out there W/H FOREVER
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Bigfoot, John Druitt Christopher Heyerdahl
come on all you Bigfoot and/or John Druid fans. Let's talk about our favorite character s & actor on Sanctuary. Keep it clean, no profanity please. Plugging of your own stories are welcome.
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Sanctuary Role play
Love sanctuary? Love to roleplay? Come here
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Sanctuaryverse Fanfiction Forum
So I mustn't be the only one upset about the end of Sanctuary. Vent your pain with me brothers and sisters! So that we might emerge stronger on the other side and bring Sanctuary back!
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Angels and VampiresA Life Out of Time
For those who want to give longer reviews or comments or critique notes for these two works, as well as for general posting/discussion regarding these stories
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Sanctuary Roleplay
You can use real characters, and create new ones. Dead characters can be brought back to life.
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Sanctuary Fan Forum
RP space, talk about the show, share you favorit shipping, and share links to your own fanfics.
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My Sanctuary story poll
If you have a poll for Sanctuary, tell us about it here! XD All are welcome! :
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Teslan Challenges
Helen Magnus and Nikola Tesla have been best friends for more than a hundred years and there is always a chance for something more - Who says nothing has happened already? This is a place for all things Teslan and challenges of the pairing, friendship or
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Sanctuary RPG
This is a Sanctuary RPG. Canon characters are prefured, but you can make your own character if you want to.
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