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Scream Rp (ACTIVE!)
Looking for an ACTIVE Scream Rp based right off of the tv show? You've came to the right place, make an Oc, or claim a Canon to jump into the horrifying action!
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When a small Californian town begins to get plagued with murders, it's people become subdued not just with fear but also of paranoia. Following both teens and adults, many are left to wonder who can be trusted, but more importantly who can survive. For many, they will only hear five words before they meet their demise- what's your favorite scary movie? Canon AU / OC RP
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The Sub-Plot Thickens - Scream RP
Grab your knife-sticks, everybody. This is an advanced and literate roleplay set after Season 1. Play a killer, play a victim, or play whoever screams in between. OCs only, looking for mods. Cue creepy murder music.
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