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The Secret Circle! Best Role Play
Do you wish to Role Play a Character that has many different powers? Please join! Secret Circle characters available! Unlimited Fun! Rated M
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Basically, a Secret Circle RP. Here you can roleplay pre Cassie and post Cassie in Chance Harbor. See what it was like before she came to Chance Harbor or perhaps there is a crossover with another of your favorite TV shows? Come join! We need all the people we can get!
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Within the Darkness
Since I couldn't find any Secret Circle roleplays that were still active I decided to make my own. The main RP is present day and starts where season 1 left off. It will be AU, mostly regarding the plot. Most canon characters are still available! Very strict on OCs though! *Active/Open (as of Oct, '16), though it's fairly slow moving* Feel free to check it out or send me a message if you have questions! :)
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The Secret Circle Canon OC RP
Dark forces are rising in Chance Harbor, Washington and the secret circle of witches must stop them. Do they have what it takes?
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The Secret Circle
The forum with everything to do with The Secret Circle! Moderators needed PM me if your interested.
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Your Circle
So this is YOUR circle. Make 1 OC. Only 1. I will follow the book's number of circle members. 12. 5 males, 7 females. Space is limited. You may not RP as a character from the Show/Book. This is sure to be thrilling. I have some tricks up my sleeve...
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The Secret Circle Forum
For fans of this show. Everything from actors, characters and favorite pairings to discussing episodes, storylines or even giving out challenges for fics.
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Secret Circle Hangout
A place to discuss the episodes, the show, characters, spoilers only in spoiler marked threads please! , our fav fic, and all things Secret Circle
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Back from the dead?
SPOILER ALERT: On the website / scroll down to where it says "Which 'Secret Circle' character is returning from the grave? *SPOILER*". There is a black area. Highlight it with your mouse. It says that Nick is coming back!
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The Turning Light
What happens when Cassie is taken by the witch hunters and her friends come to help but they get captured to? What will happen? This is a bit different from the tv show, hope you like it.
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