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Secret LifeAmerican Teenager Couples
A place to come over and talk about all your favorite couples from this new ABC Family hit
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The Very First Secret Life Forum
Come here to talk about the latest episode, any good stories you've read, or just come here just to hang out! Whatever you like!
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secret life of the american teenager chat
here you can chat about anything secret life of the american teenager it can be about how much you hate the people on the show or how much you love them or even what you think will happen in the next episodes.
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Secret Life RolePlay
Control your favorite characters or make your own.
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Secret Life Together Forever Promo Discussion
The Secret Life Together Forever promo is causing me a nervous breakdown! So many theories floating around. Have you heard anything? What do you think is going to happen? Come and rant here!
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Radrian: Deliciously Bad
For fans of Ricky and Adrian. The bad boy and bad girl of the show.
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Secret life the Next generation Roleplay
John is 17 now and goes too grant high
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Ricky & Amy
Love Ricky Underwood and Amy Juergins together? Come join us to celebrate one of TV's golden ships - Ramy!
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Another Secret Life Forum Come Join!
So I just wanted to make another Secret Life forum where people can play the orginal charaters and make up their own as if they were actually in the show.
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager Roleplay!
Roleplay whichever character you like. No OCs
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Same ole Same ole Who gets pregnant next?
This forum is for if you love secret life but you are tired of the same story line being payed over and over and over. I know I'm not the only one who wishes they couldn't predict who gets pregnant next or who is about to get married. We want more twists
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TSLOTAT Band Camp Contest!
I had a request to write a juicy fanfic about Ricky and Amy's one shot night at band camp. they want to know in ur mind what exactly happened wen amy gave ricky her V-card. It is supposed to be a juicy as possible and it can be unrealistic meaning it d
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Secret Life of American Teenager: Now or Never
This is the forum for my story of secret life now or never season 6. Here is were you can discuss storylines, suggest storylines, find out about the characters and create your own that you want me too use.
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Together forever
Amy and ricky have been married for 3 years with 3 kids what if she gets pregnant agin will ricky leave her or stay by her side? Read And Find Out
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