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The Institute: Shadowhunters
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The Mortal Instruments RP
This is the chance to picture yourself in another world, who are you? Will you find against the demons and are you the barrier of magic? Whom will you be? Join to create your story with us in a beautiful wicked world. { I love the Shadowhunters and I want to read the books eventually, come and join my roleplay *Active*}
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Shadowhunters RP
RP for the Shadowhunters. Tv Show characters only but can use book infomation/history/past.
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Shadowhunters Roleplay
Invite Only
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Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black
Come and join in on a forum for the new tv show Shadowhunters on Freeform. Join as a shadowhunter, mundane, warlock, and much more. Have fun in the bewitching New York City where all the legends are true.
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The Crow's Crusade: RP
Once every ten years, each of the Nephilim families who call New York home choose one of their children to fight for their name and emblem in the Crow's Crusade, a tournament of skill and brutality. Those which are victorious earn the role as Head of the New York Institute. But choose your champion wisely, because if they lose, your entire family could be exiled from the Clave. Roleplay, open, OCs welcome.
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City of Shadows- A Shadowhunters Mortal Instruments Rp
**ACTIVE AS OF JULY 18TH 2017 AND ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS** Come one, Come all and visit the city of shadows, A place where monsters and beings from you're darkest dreams and nightmares come to life, This is a Mortal Intruments/ ShadowHunters Roleplay, where you can play some of you're favorite characters! Carve a path for yourself and play you're favorite canon or make an original character and find you're own destiny. the choice is yours.
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Shadowhunters Rp
This forum will never die. Sadly those demons over there will. You can have canon or oc characters
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In the Shadows
Be anyone you want to be be a human a shadow hunter a downworlder or anything you can come up with.
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Spin the bottle
Alec plays an innocent game of spin the bottle. What he didnt know was that he was going to get closer to his sisters coworker Magnus Bane
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