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The Moffat Institute of Education (Kid Lock)
Welcome to The The Moffat Institute of Education, the best boarding school in London. Enroll at the school, and make new friends... and enemies.
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Baker Street Mega Fans
A roleplay and discussion group for any Sherlock mega fan out there who is truly Sherlocked. Be sure to check out the Welcome thread and the Rules thread when you join. Hope you enjoy the forum! :)
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Sherlock Roleplaying
I love this show! Ocs are welcome!
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Sherlock Holmes RP
A Sherlock Holmes rp. Post Riechenback Episode and OC's welcome.
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La ciencia de la deducción
El primer foro creo . . de Sherloc bbc en español. La idea general es que nos pongamos retos para crear fics Ya sea por la categoría de: parejas; tema; frase; etc. También es para conocernos mejor y que compartamos nuestros fics. Espacio exclusivo pa
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Cox & Co
A Sherlock RP group with two universes, one mainly centered around Sherlock and John and the outher centered around Moriarty and Sebastian Moran. We take any cases, except for the boring ones.
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The Game Is On! A Sherlock Roleplay
A Sherlock Roleplay! OC's are welcomed! Have fun! :-)
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Any Sherlock fans are welcome. Irene Adler and Charles Magnussen up for grabs!
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Sherlock Holmes: an Adventure of Magic, Time, Lightsabers and Top hats
As requested-the ONLY forum that combines our favourite game and TV series' together! Feel free to join in and RP as your favourite characters (and of course have loads of fun and randomness in the process!) Enjoy and welcome on board to the only RP forum that includes Sherlock, Merlin, Star Wars Professor Layton and Dr Who! (You've been waiting for this! XD XD)
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Doctor Wholock
RP of Doctor who and Sherlock
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Sherlock Holmes-web series script request
Basically i'm making a Sherlock Holmes web series but with a different take, Sherlock is a shut in who never leaves the comfort of his home and everything will be recorded via webcams. however i have recently been told that my writing skills are terrible and i should stick to acting... i'm sure you lot have far better ideas than me :D
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The Two Bloggers Ongoing BBC Sherlock fan fiction
This fic: /s/6430383/1/The Two Bloggers is my blog of Sherlock and John's lives and cases, attempting to stay close to the original canon and compliment the TV show, whilst adding my own spin. This forum is for discussions/author notes/connectivity.
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Sherlock RP
Welcome to London, where dangerous criminals lurk on every street and masterminds plot behind closed doors, help solve some of the most notorious crimes of the century, or simply relax with a refreshing cup of tea! We welcome not only modern day Sherlock enthusiasts but also those of victorian era Sherlock, cannon or non cannon will have seperate categories!
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Story Request! Please Read!
I Really want an eager writer to write this story, i will give you the plot summery and let you have all control on what happens
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Sherlock and Molly Belong Together
For everyone who ships Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes, this is the place to post fanfic, and discuss the ship.
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Why are people so obsessed with creating JohnSherl
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Another Sherlock RolePlay
This was a role play forum for BBCs SHERLOCK, but due to scheduling difficulties, patrons are encouraged to go to a forum, linked in the newest topic.
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Unlocking Sherlock: A Forum for the Unintelligent
A forum for general discussion, analysis, theories, or anything else related to the wonderful world of the Sherlock fandom.
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Sherlock on Crack
A Sherlock based RP, of realistic situations but crack actions. Anything accepted be as funny as you like as long as they are still in character XD
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Sherlock Roleplay
You can be an OC or a canon Character! You choose! Just fill out the forms!
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Sherlock RPG
I have just started to make a Sherlock RPG site and am looking for all canons, interested? Please contact me ;
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Just Another Sherlock RP
Just as the title says; come and roleplay as your favourite characters from the show. Oc's welcome.
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This Fandom Appears To Be Rather Deaded - Sherlock Stuff
To make this fandom less deaded in the forum section of Fanfiction, this thing was created. It's suppose to be challenges and stuff...but who knows where this is actually going.
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221B roleplay
All slots open! Just a random, not-yet-plot-developed roleplay. I just want to see where this goes Ask me who you would like to be, and it shall hopefully be done.
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Shock Blanket
Begins with "A Study In Pink," but will not follow the series exactly. Major plot points will remain the same as the series, but everything else is for us to decide. All Canons are available and OCs are welcome.
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