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En este foro podéis comentar todo lo que queráis acerca de la serie televisiva Sherlock de la BBC, la película, los libros, los personajes, la historia, la serie versión americana Elemental, etc.
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Sherlocked at 221B Baker St
Think you're a real fan of Sherlock? Let's see you roleplay as the characters. Then we shall use the science of deduction to prove your theory.
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Les relations Holmesques
Le fandom concernant Sherlock est très large, qu'il est quasiment impossible dans faire le tour. parmi les nombreux sujets abordés, l'un des plus importants est sans conteste les relations entre les personnages, venez donc décortiquer avec nous ce qui lie nos héros préférés. Pour tous nouveaux sujets que vous voudriez aborder envoyez moi un message.
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Scotland Yard
A place where Sherlockians can rant and gush about both the TV series and the movie. There might be an RP, but I haven't decided yet.
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Sherlock RP forum
Looking for people to RP in a multi person setting. Many of the characters are still up for grabs including the Baker Street duo themselves!
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A la recherche de fics Sherlock BBC ? Venez ici !
Vous avez déjà lu une fic de ce fandom mais impossible de la retrouver ? Vous pensez avoir fait le tour des fics mettant en scène certains personnages et vous voulez demander à d'autres personnes si ils connaissent des perles ? Ou bien vous voulez simplement avoir des idées de lecture ? Dans tous les cas, ce forum est fait pour vous ! Ici, nous essaierons de vous aider à répondre à vos besoins vitaux de lecteurs : trouver ou retrouver de bonnes fics pour meubler vos soirées. Langage SMS proscrit.
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Rec your favorite story here.
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A Journey Begins A Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who and MCU RPG
This is based on a story I started.
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Just Another Sherlock Roleplay
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Home of Holmes
Talk about Sherlock, discuss your favorite Sherlock fics, and debate in this laid-back forum. Also welcome to discuss other versions of Sherlock Holmes, including the books. In fact, any and every Sherlockian is welcome. Whatever happens, happens. Discuss
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Sherlock Holmes RP
This is a RP I'm doing on facebook, and I need various characters.
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Prompt Me Please!
Please. I need prompts. I'll work through all of them eventually. ANy idea to do with BBC Sherlock will be accepted. I will write crack, bromance, porn without plot, any coupling. And any kink. Because kinks are fun.
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Sherlock BR
Um fórum para nós, os escassos fãs brasileiros desta fantástica série! ATENÇÃO: conteúdo slash permitido! E altamente incentivado!
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Sherlock RP forum for the bored Sherlockians
The title is pretty self-explanitory.
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Mind Palace
Got an idea for a plot, but want to get some feedback? Or have a question about one? The Mind Palace is where you can share!
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Sherlock Fanfic Help?
I need help writing sexy times. . M-rated.
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Story idea, coauthors wanted
Looking for co-authors for a post-Reichenbach story involving Sherlock's daughter. Want to steer clear of Mary Sue, but have fun with it. Anybody interested?
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Fanfictions sur Sherlock BBC en français ;D
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Get Out Of My Mind Palace, Doofus
Such a warm, welcoming forum titile, isn't it? So this is a forum for all the Holmies out there - no, it's not a RP forum. Here you can do whatever you like - within reason, obviously - such as talking, sharing gifs, getting feedback for your up-and-coming fanfiction, or even locking a wild John Watson in a cupboard. It's what ever floats your boat.
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Looking for a Co-Author
I am looking for a Co-Author to write a High-School-Au Fanfiction (main characters Sherlock and John, not necessarily Slash, we can discuss that later). You'll need ideas and good nerves! ; )
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Prompts for Pairings
So recently I've been writing a lot of prompts, but some of them I can't write because I don't have the best smut mindset, or whatever other reason. Anyways, there will be prompts for all kinds of pairings including (f)Sherlock!
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A dark side to Sherlock
Start a role play where you see another side to Sherlock, OC's welcome, no limits, swearing and rated M is fine by me!
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Story Search
Looking for a story where Sherlock goes to a dinner party w/o John and finds out that john is friends with prince whatever his name is.
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Writing Sherlock fanfic XD Help?
Contains SPOILERS for s02! Summary: Two years after the fall John decides enough is enough. It's time to bring down the web that destroyed his friend. But someone is already on that job and will do anything to stop John from getting involved. Aft
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Hey! I'm Looking for a Beta/Co-writer for my Story Fragments of the past. Pm if your interested and i'll give more details and everything!: A
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