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Sherlock Crossover Ideas
Just a place to, if you have them, post ideas about Sherlock crossover fics. Mainly is you don't want to or don't think you can write the fics yourself. Challenges are fun and allowed as well.
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The Sherlockians
A forum for all the Sherlock BBC lovers or anyone who adores the original canon. Warner Bros. Sherlock fans also welcome.
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For Those Looking for a Beta
This is a forum for people who want to post new stories and perhaps want to run their ideas past people or search for a beta.
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Looking for some betas for a Johnlock story
I've got one or two close friends betaing this for me but we all live in the US and I am hoping that a few UK peeps would britpick it for me as well as general proofing. It is long format, M rating with a bit of hurt/comfort and a whole lot of slashy slashy love. If interested please pm me. or post here. Thanks guys.
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Sherlock Stories
Basically, here is where I will post my ideas and rough plots for those who would like to have some input in how my stories go or what I write next. Also, character development and plot chatter.
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Sentiment and Sherlock
Last update for the approximated premier date of BBC Sherlock's season 3 was set in early 2014. For all you Sherlockians, Holmesians and Cumberbabes- you're not alone. A forum dedicated to what YOU think the 7th episode should be about, as well as other random things as we wait for our favorite consulting detective to come back to Baker Street.
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Sherlock Prompts? (Potential Johnlock)
Hey, I'm trying to write a post-Reichenbach fic, probably resulting in some Johnlock, but I can't think of any storylike things! I feel like I have a really great idea of how to develop their relationship again, but I have no clue what to do for an actual story. I can't just do loads of fluff! Any ideas would be great, no matter how vague or weird - I am getting slightly desperate. Thanks!
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Tired of everyone being so dull? Come here and talk about interesting things, both Sherlock related and just plain interesting.
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Help me find this sherlock fanfiction PLEASE?
I'm looking for a sherlock fanfiction where something happens to john like he gets kidnapped or something and then he has a mental breakdown thing which means he forgets how to do loads of basic every day life stuff like speak and loads of other stuff then sherlock looks after him and he gets better! PLEASE HELP! thanx!
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Give a prompt!
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Sherlock is buliding up the courage to confront John before things go wrong
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In Sickness and In Health
I've hit a bit of writers block with my story "In Sickeness & in Health." Go read it, post an idea on here on how I can continue it. I have an idea of how I wanna end it, it's just a matter of getting there. Whoever suggests the idea that I use will be given a shout out in the next chapter! Yay! :) Here is the link to the story: /s/9042290/1/In-Sickness-and-In-Health
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Charlie - Behind The Scenes
Hello! Tiny Writer here to let you know that this is the official forum for the fanfiction CHARLIE. I enjoy the thought of being able to talk to you all directly about questions, plot twists, and updates on how the chapters are coming along. But also because CHARLIE will have many twists, turns, and unexpected things, this is the place where you can voice your theories and see what other people are thinking. Enjoy!
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After rescue
After Sherlock saved Irene from being beheaded, they both work together to get Irene to America and safe. But Irene doesn't want Sherlock to leave her, and neither does Sherlock
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Johnlock story ideas
Any one who needs help or co aouthors for a johnlock story this ia the place to be
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Sherlock One Shots
Just a bunch of Sherlock One Shots based on some prompts.
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BBC Sherlock discussion
For those interested in discussing character development and plot in BBC Sherlock. Please keep profanity and (unstudied) bashing to a minimum.
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vampires vs werewolves
based on Underworld, Divergent, Sherlock BBC, and Merlin. Irene and Arthur become vampires while Sherlock, John, and David are turned into werewolves.
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Ideas and prompts for scenariosthat John Watson and Sherlock Holmes get together, romantically. JW/SH, John/Sherlock, Watson/Holmes, Johnlock
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I know that this is not that popular and it goes against my moral conduct/OTP, bit for any prompts/ideas you have for Holmescest oneshots or twoshots, post them here and I will write them up as authentically as I possibly can.
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Johnlock What if the story of Sherlock Holmes was Reversed? If John Watson was the genius and Sherlock was the Doctor? Well in this case John Watson is a pathological liar as well as a genius and Sherlock is working in the Scotland Yard trying to prove to people he is worth something and is better than his older brother Mycroft. It still is the same thing.
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The case of us
They had just solved a case. It's night. Sherlock and John are on london's Streets. Just the two of them. And things are getting ... well, you decide.
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Sherlock oslmes
Os sherlock
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