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221B Baker Street
Come to Roleplay in the wonderful world of Sherlock... but with a hint of Timey Wimey! See how the Doctor and Sherlock's wits would compare, and how many arguments they'd get into.
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Sherlock Roleplay
NEW AND REVIVED. Players needed! Sherlock Holmes - taken. Moriarty - taken. John requiring auditions, all other canons available. OCs welcome
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Sherlock RP
Sherlock RP. Storyline up and running but other RPers welcome :)
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Sherlockian School for the Fanboys and Fangirls
The Sherlock fandom became too dangerous to leave out in the world with everyone else. So they created Sherlockian School for the Fanboys and Fangirls, a boarding school where all the Sherlock fans can live and learn and work in safety. Dorms are sorted into ships, but outside of that, everyone has to co-exist with each other. Moffat and Gatiss are in charge of everything. And you are a student in the midst of it all. How will you survive?
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Sherlock Holmes Next Generation
Oc's and cannons welcomed. Next Generation form.
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Sherlock RP: Welcome to Baker Street
Join Sherlock Holmes and his associate and roommate John Watson as they investigate mysteries and solve murders. Play a canon character or make an OC of your own.
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Sherlock RPG
New RP starting on the 20/10/14. I realised that there aren't many current purely Sherlock RPG's still going on at the moment. I'm not going to waste your time with this one. In the next 24 hours I'll get the RP ball rolling. While this Forum is still here it will be monitored, no matter how long between posts. So grab an available canon or OC and join in.
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I Am Sherlocked Forever
If you are obsessed with Sherlock, this forum is for you. Roleplay, chat or simply express your undying love for Benedict Cumberbatch. (Set just before His Last Vow)
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Sherlockian Role Play Group: The Scandal of the Reichenbach Fall
Irene Adler is seriously wounded and is at the hospital because of a gunshot wound shot by Moriarty. Molly Hooper has just escaped Moriarty clutches because one of his 'assistants' (Aditya Worth) let her free. Now Aditya is in the hospital because of a gunshot wound and a failed plan, and Molly is in the hospital still coming out of a sedative Moriarty put her under. Sherlock and John are at the hospital because of Irene and Molly. Oh, and Moriarty is planning on blowing up St. Bart's. Come on in and join!
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The Roleplay of 221b (and beyond)
A roleplay for all sherlockians. I'm taking the part of Sherlock, but both canon characters and OCs are welcome. Takes place between The Hounds of Baskerville and The Reichenbach Fall. No spoilers for people who haven't seen The Reichenbach Fall yet. Enjoy!
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Sherlock RolePlay: A Forum of Mysteries
*ACTIVE* This is a forum dedicated to Sherlock role playing! Pick a character and join in the mystery solving fun!
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The Final Problem(SuperWhoLock)
John expected Moriarty to be dead. The man had been shot on the rooftop for goodness sake! What John didn't expect was his flatmate Sherlock Holmes coming back two years later. He didn't expect Moriarty to come back either, and he absolutely didn't expect him to make a deal with the devil to get that way. But now with Sherlock back on the case, and Moriarty creating the ultimate army of demons and other horrible creatures, they are forced to make an army of their own. NOW STARTING!
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Crime RP
An increase in violent crimes and robberies yet no suspects or evidence can be found not even video surveillance is of any help so Sherlock is needed to track down the criminals that have been evading every security system known to man. Along the way new allies and enemies appear and a greater conspiracy is revealed. Can Sherlock and his new allies defeat this new threat or will they be the next victims. This is modern Sherlock not Victorian.
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The Moffat Institute of Education (Kid Lock)
Welcome to The The Moffat Institute of Education, the best boarding school in London. Enroll at the school, and make new friends... and enemies.
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A Very Sherlock Roleplay
This is exactly as the title says: a roleplaying forum for Sherlock. A typical non-crossover one, with OCs and canon characters in modern day London. To make it easier for everyone who may not have read the Doyle books or want to copy and paste the already established cases, I'm throwing in different cases. Oh, I suppose I should say when it takes place, series one so to have that fresh blank paper to write on. Please read the rules within this establishment if you're interested.
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Any Sherlock fans are welcome. Irene Adler and Charles Magnussen up for grabs!
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The Game Is On! A Sherlock Roleplay
A Sherlock Roleplay! OC's are welcomed! Have fun! :-)
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Sherlock Holmes: an Adventure of Magic, Time, Lightsabers and Top hats
As requested-the ONLY forum that combines our favourite game and TV series' together! Feel free to join in and RP as your favourite characters (and of course have loads of fun and randomness in the process!) Enjoy and welcome on board to the only RP forum that includes Sherlock, Merlin, Star Wars Professor Layton and Dr Who! (You've been waiting for this! XD XD)
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Sherlock RP
Welcome to London, where dangerous criminals lurk on every street and masterminds plot behind closed doors, help solve some of the most notorious crimes of the century, or simply relax with a refreshing cup of tea! We welcome not only modern day Sherlock enthusiasts but also those of victorian era Sherlock, cannon or non cannon will have seperate categories!
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A Day in Baker Street
Come on down Baker Street - make your own plot lines and role-playing plots. Be a hero or a villain, capture or captive, evil or good. Welcome to Baker Street.
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Just Another Sherlock RP
Just as the title says; come and roleplay as your favourite characters from the show. Oc's welcome.
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Sherlocked at 221B Baker St
Think you're a real fan of Sherlock? Let's see you roleplay as the characters. Then we shall use the science of deduction to prove your theory.
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Sherlock RP forum
Looking for people to RP in a multi person setting. Many of the characters are still up for grabs including the Baker Street duo themselves!
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Just Another Sherlock Roleplay
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Not Our Division -- A BBC Sherlock Multi-AU! RolePlay
As the Title says, this is a multiple AU (alternate universe) RolePlay, and each different universe will have its own name and Category. For more information, please visit the Introductory Information topic in the Central Commons category. CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
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