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BBC Sherlock Fanfiction Challenges
A super-mega-fantabulous forum made for the entertainment of Sherlockians - be it procrastinators, writers, or just generally insane people bored to the point of shooting walls.
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Doctor Wholock
RP of Doctor who and Sherlock
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This Fandom Appears To Be Rather Deaded - Sherlock Stuff
To make this fandom less deaded in the forum section of Fanfiction, this thing was created. It's suppose to be challenges and stuff...but who knows where this is actually going.
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In Sickness and In Health
I've hit a bit of writers block with my story "In Sickeness & in Health." Go read it, post an idea on here on how I can continue it. I have an idea of how I wanna end it, it's just a matter of getting there. Whoever suggests the idea that I use will be given a shout out in the next chapter! Yay! :) Here is the link to the story: /s/9042290/1/In-Sickness-and-In-Health
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