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Pairs That You Think Are More Suitable
Watching the show you see some of the characters paired with different people in different seasons. This is here so that you can talk about who you think really belongs together.
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Welcome To Smallville!
This is for all you Smallville Fans!
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All Clois Lovers: Come in and Join the Fun
This is for everyone who love the Lois and Clark relationship and can't wait till the writers of Smallville bring them together were they belong! Go Clois!
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Smallville Canon OC RPG
Roleplay from the first episode of Smallville.
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Smallville: League of Heroes
A re-imagining of some events from season ten. New and old heroes unite to face the newest threat - Darkseid. This threat is taking over the city, turning the people against the heroes who have fought so hard to build a good reputation for helping people. How they must all band together to hunt down Darkseid and defeat him once and for all if they hope to put the world back the way it was
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Smallville Ravens
Smallville is a wonderfully made show but, sometimes we imagine things that they did not do. Challenges last post 2021 Jan 15
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Talk about Clana!
Clana Clana Clana! Talk about it here!
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Smallville Reboot
A Smallville rp starting from season 1.
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This forum are for those who hate Clana or simply hates Lana, but loves/likes Clois
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Smallville Episodes
Groupings of Smallville episodes by themes, couples, links to movies or other shows, and more.
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Not So Smallville
Come in and join the Smallville crew. Whether as an OC or an established canon characterm or even just any old Marvel hero, all are welcome here :D
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This is for all the Clois fans out there!
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Smallville Challenges
A place to discuss, post, and respond to Smallville fanfic challenges. You'll find rules inside.
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Smallville RolePlay
This is a RolePlay for any Smallville lovers!
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Talk About All Things Clark Here!
Talk about your favorite hero Clark Kent. Ask me questions and make suggestions.
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Always and Forever, Clark & Alicia
The discussion board for the pairing of Clark Kent & Alicia Baker
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For those few who liked the relationship or even just friendship between Lex Luthor and Lana Lang.
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Smallville RP
Join a young Clark Kent before his days as Superman in a Smallville RP forum
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Fiction Search
Can't find a fic? Lost the links to your fav story? Don't know what to read next? Post your request here!
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ChlollieTeam Green!
This is a forum where you can talk about Chlollie spoilers or really awesome scenes you liked with the two of them.
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Anything to do with Ryan
This is a forum that has to do with Ryan or anything Ryan. Friendship w Clark or anything else Male Oc welcome. This will be Rp starting with season one and onward Ryan doesn't die in ep 8 of season 2 like the show This fourm will have Teen post or even more If you want to post Sexual content let me know it must be suitable for teens Females are welcome as well. AU and cannon are welcome for the Rp
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some really cool stuff is goin on this season! did anyone see lexmas? what do you think lex knows about johnathon's past? and who do you think is gonna die?
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The Hilarity That Is CLex
All CLex lovers know just how great CLex really is. If you're a lover of the ups, downs, and plain inasnity that is CLex, post an opinion or two!
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Smallville Revised Forum
Forum about Smallville Revised, bring your comments here.
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The Mind That is Lionel Luther
Talk about the man with the plan. What are his intentions? Does he truly love his son? Or, is this all a part of his scheme to help himself?
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