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Plagiarism and a Whole Lot of Other Stuff
Recently, the Sonny With A Chance fan fiction archive has been invaded by plagiarists. This is a forum where all are welcome to vent and discuss it. But it's expanded into...a chatroom! Talk about anything you want!
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Welcome To Hollywood!
This is a SWAC RPG forum. OCs welcome.
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The stars have moved on and had kids. Theres new shows at Condor Studios. Rivals will happen and REVENGE.
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Swac forum and randomness
Really? It's a swac forum with randomness...ENJOY!
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Carela Fan Club!
This forum is for all fans of Carela! And guess what, each week we will have one of the memebers from Carela giving us an update! For the Supreme fans! :
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Sonny with a Chance Roleplay Forum
Roleplay as anyone from So Random and Mackenzie Falls, or any other SWAC character! OCs are also accepted!
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plzz join.. make a character or be a main character either way!
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RP! sonny with a chance
A small story about channy... choose your own character and let your fantasy do all the work.
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Channy Luvers Forum!
This is where we talk about, well, Channy! I think they would make an awesome couple! And Chad is just so hot! Who agrees? Click to write what you think!
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Who is your favorite character?
Choose your favorite character from SWAC!
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SonnyTawni femslash
A place for fans of Sonny/Tawni femslash. A place to share favorite moments from the show, or tell us why you think they'd make a good couple. You can recommend your favorite fanfiction or anything else that you'd like to share.
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Sonny With A Chance: Hate it or Love it?
People! Do you love or hate Demi Lovato's new Disney channel show, 'Sonny With A Chance' Speak now or forever hold your peace! Not really, but please speak your mind.
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TwitterFanFiction Family
A forum for the Twitter/FanFiction SWAC Family.
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Sonny with a Chance FF
What do you think of Sonny paired with a female? Im just curious. please dont bash. im just really bored. Feel free to post your thoughts here. If you think it would be an interesting read, who would she be paired with? If you dont like it, tell us how co
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All About SWAC!
All About Sonny With A Chance! Meet Members Who Love SWAC Just As Much As You! Show Us How Obsessed You Are.
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Tween Choice Awards
The best, for the best, by the best. That's just how we roll. Official forum of the Tween Choice Awards Website.
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Sonny with a Chance Roleplay!
Yes, I know there are quite a few of these but Sonny has been taken on all of them and that's who I want to play as. OCs are aloud!
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The Sonny With a Chance Awards!
Welcome to the official not really Sonny With a Chance Awards! Feel free to put any story names in here you love that belong in any of the catergories! Just put the name of the story and author!
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Chuckle City and The Falls
Anything Sonny with a Chance related. Roleplays, ideas, challenges, and polls. The most awesometastic Sonny forum...ever!
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A storm has been brewing for a few days now. During the hours of rehearsal, a blackout occurs. It leaves Chads and Sonnys feelings for one another vunerable.... The dark really knows how to bring to people closer then they ever thought possible. First SW
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ChadSon Lyric Challenge
Very simple challenge, easy to do, and really works when you're going through a round of writer's block. Click here and I guarantee that you will find at least one lyric that will inspire a ChadSon piece.
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SWAC Talk With Jazzy
What do you want so badly to see happen in Sonny With A Chance? Spill your guts here!
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Grady's love
For some reason this website wont let me post my stories, so here is my first chapter. Tell me what u think.
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Hold Back
Chad and Sonny are 10, they are next door neighbors, she's over weight and Chad is a jerk like always. He moves to Hollywood and seven years later Sonny moves to Hollywood except shes different this time.
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Sonny 2 Years Later
Everything in this story changes Sonny and Chad's life.I suck at summaries
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