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Charming, CA
Welcome to Charming, CA a place where motorcycles are constantly heard, and deep within the unknown are the clubs. Will you join up with SAMCRO? Or one of their enemies? Choose your fate, and pick a side. [In English]
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Club Life
Life and Times of SAMCRO
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SOA: Writer's Corner
Writer's resources, getting help on a story, a place of hash out ideas and talk about the show.
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Loyalty Makes You Family: SoA Roleplay
Welcome to Charming, CA where bikers are around every corner. Will you become an SAMCRO, or an ally? Or will you be an enemy? [OPEN & ACTIVE] -OCS & CANNONS WELCOME-
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Sons of Anarchy
All SOA talk here. Spoilers, episodes, fun stuff, which man is sexiest, etc.
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Sons of Anarchy Roleplay and Chat
Welcome to Charming, where you can experience what it's like to be a son, old lady or even an enemy. C'mon in.
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Sons of Anarchy
About the great new show on FX featuring bikers and bad asses!
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General Thoughts and Discussions
A place to voice thoughts, opinions, and just basically discuss the show as a whole.
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The Song Title Prompt Forum
We will post Song Title's and you write a story with either the song in it or with the song title in the story some where.
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Dangerously Forbidden
What happened if David Hale has a little sister who fell in love with a blonde-haired son? What would become of the sweethearted girl and the bad biker with a soft heart?
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