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Charming, CA
Welcome to Charming, CA a place where motorcycles are constantly heard, and deep within the unknown are the clubs. Will you join up with SAMCRO? Or one of their enemies? Choose your fate, and pick a side. [In English]
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SOA: Writer's Corner
Writer's resources, getting help on a story, a place of hash out ideas and talk about the show.
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Sons of Anarchy
All SOA talk here. Spoilers, episodes, fun stuff, which man is sexiest, etc.
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Sons of Anarchy Roleplay and Chat
Welcome to Charming, where you can experience what it's like to be a son, old lady or even an enemy. C'mon in.
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Sons Of Anarchy: Winds Of Change
An alternate universe where Jax Teller has taken helm of the gavel. Is he still trying to get the club out of guns? Is Tara's hatred for Charming still growing? Is Opie still questioning everything? Your forum, your call.
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Sons of Anarchy
About the great new show on FX featuring bikers and bad asses!
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General Thoughts and Discussions
A place to voice thoughts, opinions, and just basically discuss the show as a whole.
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The Song Title Prompt Forum
We will post Song Title's and you write a story with either the song in it or with the song title in the story some where.
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