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Spartacus: Legacies
Spartacus has been killed. Laeta and Agron have fled to safety with the rest of the Rebel Army. Soon afterwards, Laeta gives birth to Spartacus' one and only child, a girl she names Kallini. Laeta has raised her daughter on stories of her father's reign as the Rebel King, and now that she is of age, Kallini wishes to follow in his footsteps as a leader. Another rebellion has ensued. Will Kallini finally fell the tyrannical Republic, or will she fall as Spartacus did before she has the chance to do so?
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Spartacus - Slash Fanfiction
I want some Spartacus slash fics. Spartacus,Crixus,Varro,Gannicus,Glaber and the other guys need some slash! I would like some FemSlash too.I like Lucretia/Melitta ; Gaia/Ilithyia and Naevia/Diona. And you can make some mature like Batiatus/Solonius. You make the pairings...
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Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Action-Thriller-Pleasure filled Forum for all of us Spartacus Fans! :
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