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Star Trek Rp
The Prime Directive is what unites us all, no matter how different we are. Do you have what it takes to be a member of Starfleet, to serve the federation until your last breath? Come and give it a go. A Star Trek roleplay set in the 24th century era
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Star Trek: Giantess
It's a forum where you can RP as Star Trek OC's. 25th century, Delta Quadrant.
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Star Trek: Next Frontier
Space, the Final Frontier... These words started us on our grand journey beyond our universe. Our mission, to seek out new life and new horizons and to have a damn good time roleplaying about it.
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Star Trek rp
This has all the characters from every Star Trek show ever played. Join us!
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PostNemesis And NonCanon Star Trek Fics
If you're into writing New Era Star Trek Fics, this is the place to advertise your selfpublished adventure sites & discuss them.
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Star Trek An Imaginary Tale
Banter regarding the fledgling story. Questions and general banter sort of thing.
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My All Trekverse Challenge Bin
This is a place to post any Trek-verse fic challenges: TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT or ST2009, Trek crossovers, plus any other crossovers as long as the Trek-verse is part of it. Any contributions accepted as long as they fit that description. Please keep posts & discussions based on creating, accepting, discussing, questions about/help with & promoting fic challenges.
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The Nexus: A Star Trek Repository
This forum is here to provide a central hub of all things Trek Forums/Communities. Though it is fairly simple to get to one Trek fandom or another, the branches don't connect, so fans could miss out on some really good communities and forums. The purpose of this forum is to organize them for ease of use.
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The BonnyV forum
Here, please discuss things with me, Tiberius The First, about my stories or any general info. Let's talk Sci Fi, upcoming shows and episodes, episode ideas you have for me, anything! Make or suggest a forum topic!
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Star Trek
Take time to talk about my Star Trek fictions, if you want. Let me know what you think, improvements I can make, ideas you think I should really do, whatever. Keep it kind, my ego's like Q ...without the omnipotence, I'm afraid
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Star Trek: the world of Morphere
I'm currently trying to keep up with two storylines: Star Trek: Warlord and Star Trek: Enterprise Beyond. Feel free to talk about the USS Warlord or the 1701L Enterprise. Comment, criticize, suggest, you name it... let your imagination run free!
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Jornada nas Estrelas: Degeneração Star Trek: Degen
Uma seqüência de eventos, aparentemente desconexos, pode ameaçar o destino da Federação, vulnerável a qualquer surpresa. Mas, as forças mobilizadas contra a Federação não surgem apenas do espaço exterior... Será a visão de um dos piores pesadelos.
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Endeavour NCC194
Any criticism or praise of characters, situations, use and abuse of Star Trek chronology, please feel free to post. Also, any suggestions for stories or character development welcome.
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Ever heard of Warek? It's an online community of people who are both Trekkers and Warsies. They've completely meshed the two series. What do Warsies and Trekkers have against each other, anyway?
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Star Trek Crossover Forum
There is two kind of FanFiction writer the sane kind that keep thing simple. And the insane kind willing to write crossover a strange breed of writer this is. Come talk about your insanity!
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Idea Central
A place for ideas to bounce around, develop, fester, and grow. Because Star Trek is such a huge awesome environment, there's a million ideas out there that are never shared because, let's face it, it's complicated. Check it out!
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General Star Trek Discussion Board of Freedom
Don't dump on people. Don't insult your fellow trekkies. Live Long and Prosper.
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Star Trek: What If?
The Trekki Thinktank...ask questions like could warp fields be used as weapons? or what would happen if a Betazed and a Vulcan fell in love?
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Star Trek vs Star Wars
wha you the reader want to see in my Star Trek vs. Star wars book. Notice: Not all suggestions will be put in, unless most agree to it. But feel free to comment. Don't be shy!
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Star Trek Immortal Hope
This is Immortal Hope fleet, an RPG. We're trying to get on our feet, so we need captains, admirals and crew. Even if you have no prior RPG experience, we have an Academy where you can learn! Please post if you are interested in learning more!
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USS Challenger Forum, all questions answered
All inquiries and discussions relating to this story will be responded to by me here. It's been a desire of mine to create realistic, likeable characters in a Star Trek universe that's fresh, diverse and mentally intriuguing. All opinions welcome :
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Star Trek :: Phase II
If you're curious to know more about the characters as well as the overall idea of what's behind the stories, here's your chance. If it shows you're overstepping your boundaries, I'll make sure your posts are deleted and you are reported.
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Beyond the Final Frontier Forum
The official forum of the first Maximillian full-length novel Beyond the Final Frontier.
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Your Crossover Bridge Crew
This is a question I have asked myself as a Star Trek fan many times. What would my DREAM TEAM bridge crew be, I put the same question to you but with a little crossover twist. Who would your crew be, has to be crossed over with any genre not just star tr
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Star Trek: The Cataline Race
I have decided to open this form for people to talk about my story and post any errors easily. Jump in and take a look. Please Read: - Star Trek: The Cataline Race story
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