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The Starbase
Roleplay, chat, whatever. Come on in, it's cold out there! It is outer space after all.
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A place to roleplay through the episodes, or create your own. OCs and Canon inside - all are welcome!
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Bar Mysterious
All aliens welcome; no dress code, no profanity, no questions asked. The proprietor reserves the rights bestowed by benevolent dictatorship. A place to discuss the latest goings on in ST:TNG fandom land.
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TNG the good old days
Talk about your favorite episodes of the show. Talk about fanfics that recapture that warm fuzzy feeling that TNG fills us fans with
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Star Trek: The Next Generation
All things ST:TNG!
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The review game: Star Trek edition
Sick and tired of checking your email to find again no reviews? Well, that can be remedied. A game I found on another forum, but I remixed so it would just be Trek. More details inside ;
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We Love Geeks!
For anyone who wants to chat about Wesley, Data, or Geordi.
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Welcome to the CRUSHverse
A Forum for followers of the Data/OFC-Zoe series that begins with CRUSH. I'm not arrogant enough to think I need my own platform. I like to interact with my readers...and you all post pretty substantive reviews. Since reviews aren't threaded, and there's a limit of one review per chapter per person, I invite you to use this forum to ask questions, discuss, dissect, whatever. But, sorry, sweeties. No spoilers.
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Picard & Crusher
A little place to stop by and discuss all things P/C. There's an older P/C forum here, and I mean no disrespect to it, but I can't seem to post new topics in it (and no one has bothered with it in many years) - so I'm making another one. ;-) All opinions are welcome, but please remember the forum rules. Especially the one requiring all posts be suitable for teens!
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Writing Star Trek FF
A place for help in this area
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Favorite Characters
Who is your fav character on Star Trek TNG? Come debate!
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USS Galaxy- Star Trek: TNG Role-play
join the original ship the Galaxy! Everything takes place on the Enterpise's twin, aka the USS Galaxy. Create your Character, choose your posistion, and have fun!
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Do you think Beverly Crusher and Captian JeanLuke Picard are great together? Well come on in and make a post. Heck advirtise stories for all I care just have fun!
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Imzadi RT Fiction
A Place for all things Imzadi. Talk about other author's Imzadi Fiction and your own, discuss story ideas that you'd like to write or that you'd like someone else to have a go at.
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Crusher Holodeck Chronicles
As a Wesley Crusher fan and geek I think this a great year to celebrate ST:TNG 25th anniversary. Let's Celebrate Wesley with a series of Writing challenges, chats and ideas...
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Basicly its ideas for Borg stories. Ie you suck like me at Writing.
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A New Feeling
Data has an encounter with Worf, and he feels different afterwards. But he and Worf hate each other, don't they?
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The Magic of the Cosmos discussion
To get feedback on out story. Discuss facts about the story and ask the authors questions.
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Star Trek: Titan
Forum for discussion of the new book series, Star Trek: Titan. Features Riker, Troi and an amazing cast of characters on a brand new journey of exploration. Anyone up for fic discussions?
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A forum for all of the Dr. Beverly Crusher fans out there! Here, you can debate her best episodes, etc. take on writing challenges or make up ones of your own , and just have a good old time!
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