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Live Long And Prosper: The Star Trek Challenge
A Star Trek forum for writing challenges, making friends, general Star Trek chat, general chit chat and fun and games all round. Everyone welcome. TOS, Enterprise, Voyager... You name it, we'll talk about it.
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Star Trek: The Original Series RPG: With Character
Play a Star Trek RPG. That goes by the original series. Kirk, Sulu, Chekov, McCoy, Uhura, Scot, Spock.
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The Bridge
Hailing frequencies open.
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TOS Truth or Dare!
Because the fic got so dang hard to update! Come on down if you want a dose of TOS-style madness!
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SpockKirk slash forum
If you don't like slash don't come here.This statement is not intended to be offensive. A place to discuss the love between Spock and Kirk.
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To Boldly Go
A Star Trek RolePlay. Not too many rules, but those that do exist are within.
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Star Trek RP
I noticed that for some reason there was no Star Trek RP, so I decided to make one. Come on in!
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Kirk & Spock Friendship Forum NO SLASH
A forum dedicated to Kirk and Spock's friendship, but NO SLASH. Slash will not be permitted.
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Hi there! Are there any die hard Scotty fans out there, who're into writing fanfic? Care to discuss fanfiction, Star Trek in general and Scotty? Then you're very welcome to share your thoughts here.
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Beta Quadrant
Please use this forum to inquire about beta reading Star Trek (TOS and others) related fan fiction. Classified threads are: The Search for Beta Readers (Writers in need of beta reading or soundboarding) and The Wrath of FanFics (Offering up your beta-reading skills). PM me with any suggestions regarding new threads for this forum. If you would like to help moderate this forum, please let me know.
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USS Enterprise
Haven't seen anything in this area, so I guess I'm the first! This is the forum for those who love and appreciate the best Star Trek series ever! Flames shall be fed to the Hungry, Hungry Horta.
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Star Trek Role Play :)
It's harder than I expected to find a Star Trek Role Play (and the few I found were like, a lot of pages in and stuff) so I made one. Both Original and Canon Characters are allowed.
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Priority One Message Why We Love Fan Fic
Why do you write FanFic? Who is your favorite character? This forum is open to one and all. If you're underage or your delicate sensibilities abhor people being honest about why they love ship/het/slash/lemon or anything else, you've been warned.
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StarTrek: Enterprise
Welcome Aboard the U.S.S Enterprise RP-ing Group. Group RP's and 1X1
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The Enterprise
A Star Trek RPG where you can create your own characters, or choose a character from the Orginal Series c:
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Spock and Saavik
Discussions of all ratings about Spock\Saavik or Spock and Saavik.
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Navigating the Fiction
If you honestly need to find a certain fanfic out there, call here. If you want to recommend to all users a fanfic, call here. If you want to answer Star Trek fanfic trivia, call here.
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Love for the Fans
Showing some love for the fans of Spock, Kirk, McCoy and basicly Star Trek in general. Disscusion, requests for role play, making friends, creating new story idea's ect. have fun!
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We Love Geeks! Logic, Russian Accents, and Swords!
For anyone who like Spock, Chekov, or Sulu. C'mon, you know you wanna!
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Episode Help
Need to discuss a particular episode i'm here to help
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Christene and Spock
The slash stuff is sooo yucky and disgusting... I think that it's sweet how Christene likes Spock, and Sarek went for a human, so I guess Spock will too.
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Novel Cover Artwork
With the new image feature, a lot of authors shoudl consider giving thier work a professional looking cover. Let's talk about what you'd like me to create for you.
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McCoySpock: In Need of Crack-y Ideas
Quite self-explanatory: I really want to write a crack fic between our lovely Doctor and the resident Vulcan... ideas? NOTE: Your name will be added into my author's notes when I publish the story :3 Can include anyone else in the Universe (Kirk, Uhura, ect ect) but mainly focusing on those two :)
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Star Trek slash
A forum for TOS Trek slash. All pairings welcome,
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