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Stranger Things
Come rp as your favorite characters from Stranger Things (Netflix show) and create your own! Characters must be approved or accepted before Roleplaying. *ACTIVE* *welcoming new roleplayers who are interested*
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Stranger Things RP
Roleplay as your favorite characters from Strangers Things. Create your own OCs too.
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Things Get Even Stranger
12 years after the events of 'Stranger Things' Hawkins lab has been reestablished in Hartford, Connecticut and has since continued its antics with genetically modifying youth into weapons that they have dubbed as 'the X series'. The year is 1995 and our story takes place as small town High School kids lives are turned upside down (literally) by the escaped X series subjects. Join us.
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Stranger Things and Beyond
Welcome to Hawkins, Indiana - Home of Oddities that no one seems to care about. That is, No one but Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin. They had a wild Summer but now it's time to return to the real world for the wildest thing of all: High School. Step right in and pick a character, or make your own! Hang out with your friends at the Starcourt mall - once they fix the damages ;) or go play a game of D&D with your friends. The fun is only just getting started!
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Stranger Things RPG - Welcome to Hawkins
Looking to start a Stranger Things - New Season 3 on groups io. Anyone interested here? So far, we've only cast for Hopper and Joyce. I'm not a fan of the set-up for RPing on this platform, but will link a new group here if you all are interested in some active RP-ing!
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Will We Meet Again?
Will Eleven and Mike find the peace and happiness they deserve? Will Max stay with Lucas? Or will a certain someone catch her eye? And what the hell is even going on with Nancy and Johnathan?
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Stranger Things One-Shots
Stranger Things one-shots! Fluff, maybe a lil' 18 content, and multiple ships ( reader POV)
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a story of how will byers finally found somone he loved, and that girl soon finding out she a special relatitionship with Eleven that she didnt know about? 010
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Mileven coming home
4 years after eleven disappeared, Mike is finally accepting he’ll never see her again. But what happens when he realises she is closer to him then he thought?
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Driving Me Crazy!
Recent news has created some horrible thoughts about Hopper's fate. I need to share. Other people's opinions would be great
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Stranger Things Fans Club
For the fans of Stranger Things
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the romance of camera
well this story is about Finn wolfhard falling in love with this girl who he thinks is ordinary with a firery attitude. The girl he falls in love with is called Ash Watson (on OC of mine) Ash is a supermodel and actress and he parents are the richer people in the world (not Jeff bezos her parents are just some side characters who don't matter much in the story) and then there loves sprouts from there! HOPE U ENJOY READING THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK SO PLS GIVD FEEDBACK!
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Stranger things 4
Theories about stranger things season 4
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Stranger things 4
Starts after season 3, things are more complicated for everyone especially eleven, the party is separated and eleven is pushing everyone away, things get more stranger than ever and drangerous for the world when the upside down rises how will the party and the rest will save it this time or save eleven.
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I'm sorry lucas
Stranger Things teen pregnancy:Max gets pregnant at 15 she gets kicked out and gos to live with lucas
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Close Comforts
A see in to Mike and El's hormonal love filled adventure through their last teeange years. Also includes some of the other party members.
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