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Stranger Things
Come rp as your favorite characters from Stranger Things (Netflix show) and create your own! Characters must be approved or accepted before Roleplaying. *ACTIVE* *welcoming new roleplayers who are interested*
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Stranger Things RP
Roleplay as your favorite characters from Strangers Things. Create your own OCs too.
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Things Get Even Stranger
12 years after the events of 'Stranger Things' Hawkins lab has been reestablished in Hartford, Connecticut and has since continued its antics with genetically modifying youth into weapons that they have dubbed as 'the X series'. The year is 1995 and our story takes place as small town High School kids lives are turned upside down (literally) by the escaped X series subjects. Join us.
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Will We Meet Again?
Will Eleven and Mike find the peace and happiness they deserve? Will Max stay with Lucas? Or will a certain someone catch her eye? And what the hell is even going on with Nancy and Johnathan?
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Stranger Things One-Shots
Stranger Things one-shots! Fluff, maybe a lil' 18 content, and multiple ships ( reader POV)
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a story of how will byers finally found somone he loved, and that girl soon finding out she a special relatitionship with Eleven that she didnt know about? 010
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Mileven coming home
4 years after eleven disappeared, Mike is finally accepting he’ll never see her again. But what happens when he realises she is closer to him then he thought?
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