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Super Sentai Romance
For all discuss about romance in Sentai, be it canon, non-canon, hinted, implied, crack, het or slash, all is welcome.
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Super Sentai Academia
A forum for Super Sentai Academia to help with the whole Super Sentai Academia Deal.
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Original Super Sentai Teams Roleplay
Create or join a Super Sentai team. Whether it be kids who play with magic, or animal kingdoms needing help, this is the place to be.
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Super Sentai CrossOver
There are a lot of Power Rangers CrossOver but not a lot of Super Sentai what started Power Rangers to begin with so if you got time and ides show your love for Supers Sentai.
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All About Super Sentai!
Here's where fans of Sentai can come and talk about their favorite seasons, characters, and anything that has to do with Sentai.
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Super Sentai Group FanFic
Constructing a new fanfic with four authors... yep. You may feel free to look.
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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Redux
Looking for writers who would like to help in rewriting Gokaiger, with things like competent villains, and a better storyline, less based on fanservice, and strengthening the entire series overall.
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Super Sentai General Forum
Talk here about anything Super Sentai. Plots, story ideas, characters, old school Sentai, etc!
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Super sentai original teams rp
Come and rp as a super sentai.
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Dai Sentai Goggle V
To discuss fanfic about Dai Sentai Goggle V
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Super Sentai Roleplay
Private roleplay forum for River Vanisher and Myself only.
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Leopard's Den
ignore the Title you can post Story ideas Challenges
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Beyond the Future
Dedication to discussion and promotion of the Mirai Sentai Timeranger fandom. All pairings welcome.
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Sentai Teamups
Team-up ideas involving Super Sentai teams from Battle Fever to Jetman.
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Super Sentai SlashFemslash
Ideas On Sentai Slash/Femslash Pairings That Anyone Here Likes
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Kamen Sentai Rideranger
forum for contributers for the Super Sentai Kamen Rider crossover fanfic, Kamen Sentai Ride Ranger. Feel free to start new topics
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Advent Kaizoku Treasure Hunt Forum
Before the story goes up, you can help come up with ideas for this story. Continued from the Kamen Rider Club Forum topic, you can help decide which worlds in what order the heroes will go to, and even help me figure out what they'll do/learn while in th
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