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Supergirl Roleplay
Welcome to the only active Supergirl roleplay on fanfiction! (Well for the moment at least.) There are lots of Canon characters available to claim. But you are also welcome to create your own character if you choose not to claim a Canon character.
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Supergirl and The flash A karry RP
A roleplay for both The flash and supergirl. AU where They both Live in Earth 1 and will be the main ship
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National City! (A Supergirl RP)
Supergirl saved National City from her uncle's plan to destroy the earth, and now she is back to save it again! Will this new discovery (A Kryptonian Pod showing up in National City) bring danger to the city that she has never known? Or will this stranger be an ally? What new adventures will our favorite super hero and her friends face? Join us and help us find out! (Active as of October 18th, 2017)
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Tales of the Arrowverse RP
An Arrow, Flash, Legends and Supergirl Roleplay. This is a private forum.
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Me and you For life
Kara and Alex are the same age but they are not related Kara does not have powers so she will not become supergirl. They will meet somewhere were we all know of
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Supergirl RP 2
For those who want to Role play, chat or discus about this amazing show
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Everyone knows that there is a fine line between good smut and just downright garbage; for instance, paw patrol smut. However here we will discuss the good , the bad , and the ugly of Kara X Lena smut
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A place to share and be yourself/safe enviornment
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