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Supernatural RP for crazed fans of what else? Supernatural. Based around 4th and 5th seasonish. I'll get to that later. Please join, we need more awesome people to come here.
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Supernatural: The End Is Near
A supernatural rp that welcomes characters from the supernatural TV show and original characters alike.
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Sea Of Darkness - Supernatural RPG
The Winchester Family Bussninees never been so easy, It's always hard. Ever wonder what it was like working with them now here's your chance. Join the brothers on the road as they go through the US hunting monsters. This forum changed and rebooted back to S one with different setting and plot. Come on in and see how to join. CLOSED May be DELETED SOON
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Supernatural: Beginning Again
A supernatural RP, starting from the very beginning. All dead characters are alive and all characters are able to be claimed. This can follow plot in the show as well as our own plots.
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A meeting place for friends old and new to discuss "Supernatural." This is not an RPG forum, and we don't reveal spoilers.
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Supernatural Roleplay
Just another Supernatural roleplay. Every character that would be dead is alive. Very new! Please join!
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 15,826 - Since: 05-17-15 - Admin: berryandlisa
Supernatural Roleplay
Alternative Season 4. After 3 years in hell, Dean returned to find that Sam has got out of the hunting life... ((Accepting new members as of August 2017))
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 14,009 - Since: 08-16-11 - Admin: Professor Meshka
Supernatural RPG
New people welcome! Most canon characters including Dean, Crowley, and Cas are available, and OCs of all species are welcome!
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Supernatural: The New Hunters
Dean and Benny are in a relationship. They also hunt together. Only no one else likes the idea. So, please join the hunt! !Alive Archangels, Bobby, and Jess! Basically Everyone who was killed in past seasons is ALIVE!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 10,367 - Since: 02-06-14 - Admin: Zoey2012
Supernatural, Role Play :
This role play is for everyone who loves supernatural to come and be a character out of the t.v show or make up a OC character to be:
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The Family Business
Saving people... Hunting things... Come join us in our Supernatural Roleplay where you and your characters can travel with Dean and Sam in the family business.
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Supernatural Roleplay
Come and join in on the fun! This is a Supernatural Roleplay, you can create your own characters or just RP the cannons.
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 4,769 - Since: 04-21-16 - Admin: SouthernMysticalSummerNights
Supernatural RP: Darkness Rising
Starts at the end of 10x23. Everyone welcome, come check it out. Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Mary, John, etc are open and OCs are always welcome.
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 4,235 - Since: 06-20-15 - Admin: Reina Valeria Nox
Supernatural RP
Come Roleplay and Have fun! Play as Sam or Dean, or make your own characters!
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 3,617 - Since: 04-05-09 - Admin: mslorigrimes
Supernaturally Roleplaying
Another Supernatural Roleplay! This is for active roleplayers (Don't post and then leave for a week without telling anyone you're going to be gone). Every character is available, and I will accept all OC's.
English - Topics: 15 - Posts: 3,066 - Since: 01-26-15 - Admin: A Dot In The Sky
We are an intermediate/advanced, literate RPG. The RP is based on the TV show Supernatural. Take a look around and toss your character into the mix if this looks like the place for you.
English - Topics: 12 - Posts: 3,027 - Since: 02-25-13 - Admin: Galactic Cannibal
Supernatural Role Play
Roleplay as your favorite character or make your own! It's all about having fun.
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 2,806 - Since: 12-02-10 - Admin: NummySushi
Winchester RPG
Ever dream of being in Supernatural? Now's your chance! Everyone's welcome! Play one of the original characters or make up your own...
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 2,555 - Since: 11-11-09 - Admin: propertyofjensenackles
My Supernatural Forum
Just an SPN Forum!
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 2,096 - Since: 10-26-12 - Admin: StoryBookGhoolies
Angels, and demons, and vamps... OCs welcome; canons open. ACTIVE AND ACCEPTING MEMBERS JULY 2017
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 1,604 - Since: 05-05-17 - Admin: kiwipillar
Supernatural Hogwarts
Supernatural/Hogwarts fusion RP. The Supernatural characters go to Hogwarts. All dead characters are alive.
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Supernatural RP
Come and play as your fave character or create your own.
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Don't ever change
We are now doing a season 8 AU, starting after Dean and Cas came home from purgatory. (STILL OPEN!) - This is a Supernatural(The TV show) roleplay. We will start from our own season and that will be season eleven so we can start our own journey into the would that surrounds us, let us all join together as one and go on this bumpy road together. Feel free to play as a canon or make your own character. Every and anyone is welcomed to join. ACTIVE AS OF 12/2/2014.
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The Future of Supernatural
A place for you to RPG about the next generation of hunters!
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Supernatural Roleplay
This RP died, and is remaining dead. Boo
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 1,188 - Since: 07-20-09 - Admin: Dassy1407
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