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Supernatural: The End Is Near
A supernatural rp that welcomes characters from the supernatural TV show and original characters alike.
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Supernatural Roleplay
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Supernatural Roleplay
Just another Supernatural roleplay. Every character that would be dead is alive. Very new! Please join!
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Supernatural: The New Hunters
Dean and Benny are in a relationship. They also hunt together. Only no one else likes the idea. So, please join the hunt! !Alive Archangels, Bobby, and Jess! Basically Everyone who was killed in past seasons is ALIVE!
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Supernatural RP Love
Welcome to a fun and friendly Supernatural roleplay! All forums are either dead or packed so I decided to make one of my own. I love slash, including Destiel and Sabriel so I encourage it and any other ships you may be fond of, let me know. I'm excited to get started!
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Between Bullets and Blood
(This is a Vampire Diaries/Supernatural rp) What if Stefan and Damon had a middle sibling? A sister? What happens when she wants to come home to her brothers? Can't a sister just be tired of being alone and emotionless, hoping her brothers can help her turn her humanity back on? What if she's followed back to Mystic Falls by the world's most fearsome hunters? Sam and Dean Winchester. How much can Mystic Falls change? You decide.**Active and accepting new members as of November 2015**
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Supernaturally Roleplaying
Another Supernatural Roleplay! This is for active roleplayers (Don't post and then leave for a week without telling anyone you're going to be gone). Every character is available, and I will accept all OC's.
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We are an intermediate/advanced, literate RPG. The RP is based on the TV show Supernatural. Take a look around and toss your character into the mix if this looks like the place for you.
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Supernatural Hogwarts
Supernatural/Hogwarts fusion RP. The Supernatural characters go to Hogwarts. All dead characters are alive.
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Don't ever change
We are now doing a season 8 AU, starting after Dean and Cas came home from purgatory. (STILL OPEN!) - This is a Supernatural(The TV show) roleplay. We will start from our own season and that will be season eleven so we can start our own journey into the would that surrounds us, let us all join together as one and go on this bumpy road together. Feel free to play as a canon or make your own character. Every and anyone is welcomed to join. ACTIVE AS OF 12/2/2014.
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Supernatural RP: Darkness Rising
Starts at the end of 10x23 New SPN RP! Everyone welcome, come check it out.
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Supernatural Rp (Active!)
Starting from the beginning of Season 3, create an Oc to work along side Dean and Sam to hunt, or work against them, it's your choice. You may also claim a canon! (August-September 2015 active).
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Supernatural Roleplay!
Come be the Winchesters and other characters from supernatural! Create your own character and let them be apart of the Supernatural world! Come and join! Every canon character open!
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Supernatural forum with OC's
Role playing for any one. Take a character or create your own and let the fun begin
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Supernatural RPG
Set around Season 1. OC are welcome! Please join and lets have some fun!
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Supernatural RP
I know there are loads of Supernatural roleplaying forums, but I thought it'd be fun to try and do one myself! All characters available except Dean (I'll be RPing him). OCs welcome! (No Wincest or Destiel allowed)
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Yet Another Supernatural Roleplay
Another Supernatural Roleplay that involve OC's and killing monsters. Beware. *Active* PM me if you want a character
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Supernatural RP
Everyone is alive. OCs and Cannons. (Seasons 8-10)
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Supernatural - The Next Gen: RP
Sam and Dean—and everyone else—has gotten married, had kids, settled down, etc. Now their kids are all grown up and too far into the Life to even dream of quitting...More info inside. I am currently accepting people, trying to get this forum back up again!
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I lost my shoe
Yo, guys! :3 This is a multi-season roleplay of the CW show Supernatural. If you would like to join, please do. You are more than welcomed. Claim a canon and create your very own OC's.
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Living Forum, AWAAAAY!
Behold, a living forum, created from the smoldering forge of my brain! Come here for a semi/full literate rp.
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Where's your moose?
This is a Supernatural roleplay if you didn't already know. I've been told(By;HAI & Shadow) that we are starting a bit in season eight but then if we aren't, we will just be smooshing the seasons together. But anyways you are more than welcomed to join, just come right on in and claim a canon or create your own! :D
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Supernatural Academy RP
A crazy spree of monsters has broken out into the world. Everyone who has died that was appart of the hunt has come back to help fight. Join the hunt for monsters and teach new ones to hunt. Be assigned partners or teams to save the world.
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The Winchester Family-The Supernatural RPG
Winchester Hunting Family Business Role-Play. Welcome to a very unique RPG where you find your cases or create one of your own and go hunting. Just make a character or claim a Cannon and head to the Roadhouse for your first assignment.
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Dean discovers he has a son, named Max, who wants to be a hunter just like him. Sam and Dean take him in. Now training him to be a hunter and taking him for hunts may prove difficult but it will all be worth it in the end. Right?
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