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Teen Wolf RP
. An RP hopefully filled with action and drama. All welcome, especially creative rpers! As long as I am around this rp will not die. This RP will have AU topics as well.
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Teen Wolf: Resurrection
Welcome to Beacon Hills, where secrets lie on every corner and inner animals run loose. Intermediate/Advanced roleplaying with canons available and OCs welcome!
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Teen Wolf 1x1 rps
If you want to do a 1x1 rp with anyone.
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play as your favourite characters from MTV"s Teen Wolf show. Currently accepting new members! (ACTIVE 2015)
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Teen Wolf RP
NOW OPEN! Role Play with others and make your own story from Teen Wolf. Allison and some other characters are not dead and some never left in this rp! Right now the topic is Something Strange, the Alpha Pack is in town. Create what you think should have happened or what should happen. PM the admin to join and claim your canon character!
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Teen Wolf Discussion and RP (Closed)
Here we go. This is where we can chat, RP, discuss, etc. For Teen wolf. We can talk bout things. Like who do you want to get together or how do you like the show. We can also RP. It is for everyone so have fun. Also there is a topic non teen wolf based if you want to join. (If you feel like joining you can but it isn't really activate anymore.)
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Teen Wolf: Alliance
One Bite. One Bite was all it took to put Allison Argent in over her head. One Bite gave her more than she could bargain for. Caution: Werewolves inside! Come take a peek!
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Teen Wolf: Of Hunters And Hunted
ADVANCED and LITERATE RP. Plot inside. Open and ACTIVE!
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Beacon Hills
Welcome to Beacon Hills, the town full of Werewolves, Banshee's, Werecoyotes, and other supernatural things. There are Hunters as well, and so much is going on. What side will you choose? Come join the fun, it's in English folks.
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Teen Wolf: True mates and True Alpha's
Set after Lunar Eclipse in Season 3. Scott's the alpha, Derek is finally Dating Stiles. Scott's weirdly mated to Peter. Issac is crushing badly on Allison. Supernatural things are being attracted to Beacon hills. Stiles finds out that he has magic like his mom and Deaton. Jackson comes back for Lydia only to find her with Aiden, and gets extremly jealous. Danny's even in the pack dating Ethan of course. Aiden and Ethan joined Derek's pack. Come on and join this amazing Special edition Teen Wolf RP!
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The Teen Wolf Fanfiction Forum
A general forum for anything regarding Teen Wolf Fanfiction. Look for prompts, tips, and other topics here. Discuss each other's stories, techniques, or rant to your hearts content. Also contains some places for you to chat openly with some fellow authors
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Teen Wolf RP
1x1 and group Teen Wolf RP.
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Teen Wolf: Question discussion
Here we'll answer all the questions that Teen Wolf leaves us with and try to think of the answers and try to guess what might happen next.
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Teen Wolf OC RP
Its like the show but with your OC and a slightly different plot. You can still choose to play as characters from the show. Come on in we won't bite...much. {OPEN!}
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Alpha Pack, A Teen Wolf RP
Come and join the wolf pack. You can be in the Alphas' pack, Derek's pack or even a loner like Scott. This RP will take place after season two and at the beginning of season 3. Please join and have fun!
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Teen Wolf RP
Teen Wolf RP Cannon's and Oc's
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 127 - Since: 07-17-13 - Admin: CountryGirl96TAKEN
Teen Wolf RP
*ACTIVE* A Teen Wolf RPG. Takes place after 'Lunar Eclipse', OC's and canon's are all welcome. Read rules before joining.
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The Misfortune of Beacon Hills
Beacon Hills. Where misforutne tends to befall the supernatural, and everyone involved. Come and see what happens around here.
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Teen Wolf Roleplay
Warning: Multi-Para/Literate RP. For serious Teen Wolf RPers. Starting from the beginning, canons and original characters available and accepted. Not a completely canon roleplay.
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Teen Wolf Canon OC RP
Beacon Hills has been invaded by werewolves and the first victim happens to be Scott McCall. Roleplay the canon characters or create your own OC starting with season one.
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Teen Wolf Prompts
A forum for readers to post prompts or ideas/stories they would like to read, and for writers to pick up the ideas and write about them! Please Note: ALL writers can use these ideas! If you don't want them for public use, please don't post them! Thanks!
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Teen Wolf: A new beginning
Something strange has happened to our little town called Beacon Hills, everything is off and problems needs to be solved. Everyone that has died here is now coming back to the land of the living, more people are moving in just as new species. Hello welcome to TW; a new beginning. Feel free to come and hop right in to the town of mysteries, You may play as a few of your favorite characters from the show. Or feel free to create and play as your own. Everyone will be included just as well as welcomed.
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Teen Wolf Forum
Here we talk about Teen Wolf and try to cope with feels that this show has left us with.
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The Pack: Teen Wolf RP
An AU in which things worked out a little better and the Beacon Hills crew somehow managed to form a pack. Slightly broken but still good. Yeah-still good.
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I decided I wanted to make a TeenWolf roleplay : O/C characters are aloud aswell! Limit up to 3 characters incl. O/C and O/G characters. Read rules inside before posting!
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