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We Aren't All Alright Anymore!
A place to rant about how season 8 has gone so terribly wrong...and I mean really, really, really wrong.
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Writing Challenges
Have a challenge? Just come and leave it here. Or... Want a challenge? Come see what's up.
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A role play for everyone who wants to be in That's 70's show! Cannon and self made characters allowed hurry and pick!
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A That '70's Show rp
I haven't seen any of these that are open, but I hope some people are intrested. Created your own oc or play cannons, try to be active.
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That 70's Show
You can talk about anything you want here about this show. You can talk about what character is the hot, ya know, whatever. You can bash characters too.
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The Kill Samantha the Stripper Club
Whoever wants Hyde to take back Jackie and ditch the slut he married, this forum is for YOU! Here we can unite and think of ways to torture that rat, Samamtha!
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That 70's Show Foreva!
For any serious fans of the best show on television! Talk about whatever, from the bad to the good, from the old to the new. Whatever!
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What's your opinon on it? I personally adore the pairing, though there only seems to be a few authors for it...Anyways, discuss it here.
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Who belong together in that 70's show Eric and Don
Who belong together in That 70's show?
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That '70s Show
talk about ANYTHING! i will comment on anything and everything you post. Have fun! I talk mainly about that '70s show but ill talk about other shows to.
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Are you Ready for more?
I need some more ideas and comments about where the story should go from here/
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I think I love you, man
A love story between Jackie and Hyde.
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I've loved and I've lost: The Eric Forman Debate
Hey guys! Thought I'd start a forum to openly discuss, rant, give opinions etc about my fanfic for that 70's show, i love getting input- it fuels my writing, so please get involved and let me know your thoughts and how you'd like to see this end!
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