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Classic Thunderbirds Forum
Want to talk about Thunderbirds, the classic 1960s Supermarionation show? Well, you've come to the right place.
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Thunderbirds Movie Forum
A forum for any and all discussions, debates or comments about the movie universe version of Thunderbirds.
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Thunderbirds Writing
This is where we will be talking and discussion about Thunderbirds. It will alse be connected to the storyies that I am writing about Thunderbirds.
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The Tracy Family
What do you think about the family behind the Thunderbirds?
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hi welcome to the thunderbird forum
hi just write what you think anything about the thunderbirds and their lives and birds
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how many things can you notice that are in thunder
have you ever noticed that when the 2004 movie came out there was a lot of things missing that was in the tv show xxxx
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TV Thunderbirds
A forum for discussions about character development and plot points around that characters featured in Gerry Andersons Thunderbirds TV program.
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The Winds of Advent and other TB Tales
A place for the discussion of my TB stories, whether it be The Winds of Advent or any other works.
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Which Thunderbird rules?
It is an ever ongoing discussion as to which thunderbird rules...
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The Tracy stories
A series of stories based on Virgil Tracy and sub stories involving the all the 5 Tracy brothers and Virgil's step-twin sister Jaycee Anderson.
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Thunderstorms and confessions
Alan reveals why he hates storms and reveals a secret he's been keeping for years.
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Thunderbirds Are Go!
Virgil gets hurt and the others try to help
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Cave trouble
I don't owned Thunderbirds. but I do owned three of the characters in my two are named after friends one is name after me and the last one is named after snooker legend the rocket.
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