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What was your favorite part in the miniseries? What was the worst? Did you wish there had been an actual romantic pairing besides between the Queen and Ahamo? Then come here and talk away!
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Pairings in Tin Man
Here is where people shall discuss about the pairings that could have possibly surfaced in the Sci Fi Channel Miniseries, Tin Man.
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Off To See The Wizard
For all of those people who love a- Tin Man, and b- role playing, here's a role play forum. General YellowBrickRoading, crack pairings, how you would have liked the story to play out, ten years into the future, anything goes.
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Glitch vs Ambrose
Which do you prefer? which would the others prefer? Would Gltch totally revert back to Ambrose after the operation? All this crap and more . . .
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Post story ideas, challenges, and whatnot here.
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For Discussing Wyatt Cain
Cain could be a very deep and complicated character, if the series had been longer. But it wasn't, so come discuss what you think his character represents and feels, and how he could have been further developed.
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Crossing Over Tin Man
Ever have an idea for crossing over a showbookmovieetc. with the miniseries Tin Man? Have a plot bunny you want to share? Discuss possible crossovers? This is the place!
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Tin Man: The Broken RoadIdea Discussion
So, I have my outline written for what's going to happen in my fic The Broken Road, but since it's so popular, I thought I'd open up a forum allowing you to give me some ideas for where you'd like to see the story go.
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Ok....enough is enough...i am officially sick of DGCain stories..if anyone else agrees, or wants to share their view...you are welcome here.
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The love stories of DGGlitch and DGCain and more
A forum where you can talk about these two pairing with being downed for loving either or both pairs. No CainGlitch topics though, there's a lot of those already.
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Neal mcdonough lovers unite!
do you love neal/cain. then com and talk to us lol ! so you can give your favorite tin man a bit of love !
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