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Tower Prep RP
Create your own character and own special ability, ABILITY MUST BE POSSIBLE! Plus it's always open to new people.
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Tower Prep Talk
A forum for discussions, opinions, questions, story ideas, and everything else Tower Prep!
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Discovering Tower Prep and more
This forum has recommendations for fics, discussions about the show, and fic challenges and more.
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Tower Prep
Your Favorite Pairings, Faveorite episodes, Favorite CHaracters, ANYTHING TOWER!
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Should CJ and Ian be and Item?
Okay, so I love Tower Prep, I think it's cool and mysterious, and me and my friends were talking and we realized that Ian and CJ have chemistry. So I thought "Hey, why not ask other's opinions?" So I am now on a mission. Does anyone agree w/ the title?
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Should Ray and Suki Date?
I've seen lot's of people post for Ray and Suki or Ruki , but why should they be together and why?
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Tower Prep Roleplay
A new forum for Tower Prep if anyone is still interested in the fandom and roleplaying in it.
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