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Super Troop
The world is far from safe but that doesn't mean there aren't people out their trying to save us. These people are called the super troop and they areal lover the world and in Grace Point a town on the coast is one such group of superheroes. Under this category because of the title. Doesn't really have anything to do with it
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Okay, so there aren't any Troop forums yet? whats up with that? But anyway, I figured I would make a forum so that fans of the show could talk about the show and ESPECIALLY so that Jalix Jake/Felix fans and people who are kind enough to at least acknowl
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Yay Jayley! LOL, I was looking through , cuz I am pretty new here, and I noticed that, gasp! There wasn't a Jayley forum up! Well, TA DA!
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Troop OC RPG
For the new nick series the troop and I think you should check its website.
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