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True Blood Roleplay!
Come be a character or OC.
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True Blood Roleplay
A place to Roleplay with Canon and OC characters. Welcome to Bon Temps. :D
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True Blood Roleplay!
Welcome to an extremely awesome Roleplay! I love True Blood so I hope everything here is successful... :D
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True Blood The Way It Should Have Been
The vampire world is far more complex than anyone could imagine... There are things that go bump in the night and there are things that make the night go bump...
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True Blood RP
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True Blood: Faeries and Vampires don't mix, do they?
Este foro ha sido creado para la participación de todo el mundo adicto a las novelas de Sookie Stackhouse: Southern Vampire Mysteries y True Blood. Habrá retos sobre cualquier temática y personajes variados además de topics de interés general (debates, juegos, recomendaciones) ¡Participa! Bienvenido
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Find that fic! or the lost and found box
Have you ever read a wonderful story and then inexplicably lost it in the deep chasm of the directory never to be seen again? Well here's where you can get some help finding it again. Post a short description and see if someone knows the title
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The Hotel Carmilla
Have an idea for a story but don't have time to write it. Do you want to see a certain pairing. Here at The Hotel Carmilla you can request a pairing or storyline and one of our authors will take the idea and write the story! Once the story is written post
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Eric and Sookie
Lets talk about Eric and Sookie. Do you guys think they will end up together in the show? Do you guys want them together?
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True Blood RP!
RP as a vampire,human,shape-shifter,or a werewolf or just RP as one of your favorite characters!
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Bill Compton
I'm a Bill Compton lover!
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Enoug Godric
Come here to bash Godric or just to comment on how he's role was blown up in the show like maryann. Bookerreaders are loved nonbookreaders are welcomed too.
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The complete collection of TB fanfic
Stories placed in categories. Sometimes we want to read a romance, sometimes a backstory of a specific character, sometimes something outside the box. Let's find it all here! Link your story to the appropriate categories. Do you have a love story? Have you written a whole season? A one-off for fun? Let it be read!
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Tru Blood RP
A Role Playing of the Television Show True Blood-Time Frame is after Season 3
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Alcide Herveaux
Alcide has been majorly neglected in fan fiction in my opinion. First his ex-girlfriend screws him over. And it doesn't look like he's gonna be getting Sookie...so what will the poor dude get a break? Any thoughts?
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Bill and Sookie
Bill and Sookie all the way
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Who is Godric?
While True Blood had given us clues to Godrics past and present, their lack of further development of Godrics character leaves many unanswered questions. Here comments, thoughts and questions are welcomed and will be discussed. Please remember the mandat
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Southern Vampire Mysteries or TrueBlood
Which one is better? I love TrueBlood but I can't quite get into the book.
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Season 4 Suggestions
Any theories as to how what might happen in Season 4?
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True Blood OC Roleplay
Just a True Blood roleplay where you can create your own character to join in. Anyone is welcome, it's just for fun :D
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True Blood Rene Lenier
A forum about Rene Lenier...
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True Blood RP
A True Blood RP primarily for original characters. RP as a vampire, a were, or even a shapshifter.
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True Blood
A forum to help me hash out the details of a True Blood fic.
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True Blood CrossX Stories
This Forum is intended to compliment my True Blood CrossX Story Community. I am assigning each story as it's own topic. The first entree for each story will be my personal recomendation for that story, I invite you to do the same.
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True Blood Post Season 4
Role Play set after Season 4. This is meant to be for fun, so if you can think of a way a dead character can come back, go for it. Want to bring in characters from the books? That's fine too.
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