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The Tudors FanFic Forum
For all things related to fan fiction based on "The Tudors". Have a story that you'd like to recommend or an idea that you'd love to see become a story? Want to discuss a story you are writing or to ask for help or advice? Then this is the place for you.
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RP:The Court of King Henry VIII
Welcome one and all to the magnificent court of King Henry VIII, the golden prince of Christendom; be you lady-in-waiting, ambassador, lord or groom, you each have a special role here. OC's and real figures welcome *ACTIVE*
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Roses and Blood
War of The Roses. The reign of the first Tudor king and queen. The life line of Henry the 8th. Defining moments in European history, how would you change them? How would you keep things the same? Come join this forum and find out:)
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Promote Your Stories
This forum allows you to promote your stories so more people can see it and grant you more reviews. Speak your mind.
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The Tudors RPG Forum
Living the Life in our favorite Character's shoes!
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Tudors Talk
A forum for everyone who love The Tudors to talk, roleplay and discuss subjects of interest. So come on in and join the fun.
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Religion, War, & Sex: Tudor Style
Like the title says, a place to share and debate all historical facts regarding the Tudor Era.
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The War Of The Roses RPG Forum
What Would The War Of The Roses Be Like If We Were Them?
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Tudors Tv shows and movies
A place for and to talk about all the movies Tv shows and actors that played the Tudors
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Story Ideas
A place for everyone to post ideas for stories. This is not a place to take sides or argue over who is the best Queen, but if you have an idea for a story.
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The Tudors Slash Fanfic Forum
A forum for slash fanfiction about our favourite male Tudors. Because we all know there was more to Tudor England than just Henry's wives, right? ;- Want to discuss or find a story about Cromwell, Brandon, More or Edward Seymour? Then this is your place!
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Life As A Tudor
This Community will cover what life was like as a Tudor, stories that deal with Tudor and this time period, the TV show, and everything in between. May also include challenges and other sources to read and interact with.
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Previews and Upcoming Tudor Characters
Hello this newly created forum ya guys is for all of us to post our previews for upcoing fics or chapters of our popular stories, inspired by ladyjax's unexpected love with her preview for upcoming unexpected love sequel chapter 15. Post your comments, d
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Charles or George
I wanna create a new story. I'm definitely going to continue my old story "Never let me go" but I've been wanting to write this one for a long time. This story is also about Mary Tudor as I feel the most sorry for her on the show. I wanna pair her up with either Charles Brandon or George Boleyn. So you guys choose who you would want Mary to be with.
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The Wives and Mistresses of Henry VIII
Come and share your thoughts on the fascinating women who lived during the reign of Henry VIII. What do you truly think of Anne Boleyn or her sister Mary? What about Catherine of Aragon or the relatively obscure Elizabeth Blount?
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