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Betty and Gio Forum
Welcome! This is a Gio/Betty forum for all Getty Girls and Guys! You'll find links to chats, icons, news, and fic challenges here. Please feel free to lurk or jump right in and chat!
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HenryBetty forum
A place to discuss our favorite pair and favorite show. Spoilers abound -- Beware! No flames/bashing allowed.
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Ugly and the Beast
BETTYxDANIEL general community.
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I need you
Daniel and Betty shippers! No HenryBetty stuff, pure Detty all the way!
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All About Betty and Mode
Finally, a place where you can disscuss everything ugly betty related, theories, fashions on the shows and even possible parings. Anybody's welcomed to join in the disscussion!
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Mode Magazine
Discussion, theories, shipping, the works! And games!
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Detty, Hetty and all other ships and challenges
Got an idea about our favorite hidden beauty. Post challenges or ask for help with challenges here. All ships allowed.
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A role playing game were you are the Characters!
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Will they or won't they? IMO, the chemistry between Wilhelmina and Daniel is growing with every episode. Do you think the creators will see this? Chat here about all that is utterly, fabulously Danimina!
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All Things Slater
A place where you can talk about all things relating to the 'Queen of Mode', Wilhelmina Slater.
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