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Mystic Falls: The Vampire Diaries Experience
Experience The Vampire Diaries in a way where you can control the characters. You can decide what they do, who they date, who they're friends with! Chat with other members about the show, or anything else for that matter! You never know what will happen! (ACTIVE) (Get information to join from elenastarkiller, ItsNothingToDoWithYou, or Stunsail)
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Beginning Again
We got the full Mystic Falls experience as close and personal as we possibly could by coming in and claiming or creating a character of our very own to portray in this world of make-believe. Made new friends, improved our writing skills, and became part of a growing family. We loved to see all the smiling faces become regulars in our world! *CLOSED*
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Vampire Diaries Roleplay
This forum/Roleplay is based off of the Vampire Diaries television series. It is based on the books by L.J Smith. Message me if you want to join or wish to make an OC character
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Vampire Diaries RolePlay Tv
Love Vampire Diaries? then come and join this Forum. You can have 4 cannon characters and 8 OC's. We like have fun and make no sense
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Vampire Diaries Roleplay
Role Play Vampire Diaries :
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The Vampire Diaries: My Version
A roleplay forum for the Vampire Diaries. Begins after 4x10. This is now an Invite Only forum. If you have not already joined, you will not be accepted unless someone already part of the forum invites you.
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Vampire Diaries Role Play
Love to Role Play...Love The Vampire Diaries...here's your chance to role play!
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The Vampire Diaries-Secret Circle RP :)
This forum is a cross over between the Vampire Diaries and the Secret Circle. It includes all the characters from both books and shows! :) Suck some blood, and cast a spell or two with your favorite characters! :) (CLOSED-for a temporary time...may open again in the summer when I have time! :'()
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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 OC RP
The aftermath of Elena dying when Klaus breaks the curse. Will everyone be able to move on and bring Stefan back from the darkside since the love of his life has been taken away from him?
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The Vampire Diaries CanonOC RPG
Starting off with the pilot episode you can play any canon as well as OC character.
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The Vampire Diaries RP
This is a Vampire Diaries role play. It start off from Season 1. Garb a character or make your own and enjoy! (:
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Vampire Diaries Role Play
Just when you wanna kick back and role play as your favorite Vampire Diaries characters
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Vampire Diaries Rp
This is my first forum I was inspired by and awesome VA Rp led by Twilightbabyloverfanatic and I wanted one of Tvd plz give it a try
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The vampire diaries: Day after day
This is set after season 5 episode 3. Stefan has just gotten out of the lake, Elena and Damon are together, and the only difference is that the veil is down. Come and join as the people of Mystic Falls go through their lives day after day. And do the vampire diaries your way!
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The Vampire Diaries rp
new vampire diaries roleplay for everyone
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Vampire Diaries Role Play :D
All are welcome, you can either play as a canon character or make your own oc! Set after season two!
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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Canon OC RP
Stefan has embraced his ripper past and is traveling with Klaus on the hunt for werewolves. Elena and Damon are trying to track them down. Bonnie is visiting her family. Jeremy has started working at the Grill. What will happen in Season Three?
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Whit's Vampire Diaries Roleplay
This is a roleplay based off the show as well as making new charries. Enjoy and have fun!
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An awesome rp for an awesome show :D Please join, we need a whole bunch of characters! Anyhoo this will be set in the beginning of the show but I will perhaps progress this later on and we'll go into season 2 and season 3. Anyways please join cause we need more awesome people XD
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Awesome Vampire Diaries RP
Roleplay as your favorite Vampire Diaries character or make your own
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Vampire Diaries: Alternate Realities
This is where you can RP your favorite TVD characters throughout history, from the genesis of the Originals to the present day, all with new twists and turns that could change everything. Welcome to a place where dangers lurk around every corner and where anything can happen. Anyone can join and remember to have fun :).
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The Vampire Daires RP
Starting from Season 3 finale, right where it was left off! Please join!
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The Vampire Diaries Role Play
A role play based on the popular television show, The Vampire Diaries. Anyone can claim an unclaimed character or make their own character. Starting from after the Season 2 finale. Everybody's welcome!
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TVD universe
Welcome to The Vampire Diaries Universe. Starting at season one live out your fantasy as Damon,Elena,Caroline and many more! Originals included.Everyone is free to join
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Vampire Diaries RP
Play through the second season of the series as your favorite canon or create your own character.
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