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The Vampire Diaries: OAU
Extremely AU, and very OC-centered TVD/TO RP.
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Supernatural Diaries
Mystic Falls. They were born here, this is their town. For centuries Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Doppelgängers have called this place their home. There are those who protect them, and those who want them dead. They are their friends, and their enemies. They are the people they love, and the people they fear loosing. Now, a faceless evil is coming, and now more than ever, they will need friends with strange pasts. A high quality Vampire Diaries-Supernatural Crossover Role Play.
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Vampire Diaries Rp
This is my first forum I was inspired by and awesome VA Rp led by Twilightbabyloverfanatic and I wanted one of Tvd plz give it a try
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The Vampire Diaries rp
new vampire diaries roleplay for everyone
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Vampire Diaries Role Play :D
All are welcome, you can either play as a canon character or make your own oc! Set after season two!
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The Vampire Diaries: Feeling Epic Was Just The Beginning
[Active July 2018] The final seasons of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have come to an end, but their stories are far from over. Follow everyone on the journeys of love, pain, death, and everything in between. *not compliant with new TO season*
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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Canon OC RP
Stefan has embraced his ripper past and is traveling with Klaus on the hunt for werewolves. Elena and Damon are trying to track them down. Bonnie is visiting her family. Jeremy has started working at the Grill. What will happen in Season Three?
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Whit's Vampire Diaries Roleplay
This is a roleplay based off the show as well as making new charries. Enjoy and have fun!
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An awesome rp for an awesome show :D Please join, we need a whole bunch of characters! Anyhoo this will be set in the beginning of the show but I will perhaps progress this later on and we'll go into season 2 and season 3. Anyways please join cause we need more awesome people XD
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Awesome Vampire Diaries RP
Roleplay as your favorite Vampire Diaries character or make your own
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The Vampire Daires RP
Starting from Season 3 finale, right where it was left off! Please join!
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After Happily Ever After
Stories don't end when the book runs out of words or when the tv show stops airing. So that begs the question; what happens after happily ever after? 20 years have passed since Elena woke from her magical slumber and a fertility spell was cast, allowing vampires to procreate.
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The Vampire Diaries Role Play
A role play based on the popular television show, The Vampire Diaries. Anyone can claim an unclaimed character or make their own character. Starting from after the Season 2 finale. Everybody's welcome!
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The Vampire Diaries: Epic Beginnings
Moved to another forum!
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Vampire Diaries RP
Play through the second season of the series as your favorite canon or create your own character.
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Vampire diaries
This roleplay is about Vampire diaries, the TV show and not the book.Feel free to join, we are lookign for characters! Damon is just one of the ones that havent been chosen.
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Into the Darkness: A TVD RP
*ACTIVE* Season-Based TVD RP, with topics for ALL seasons, and a Legacy topic!
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The Original Vampire Diaries
Welcome to New Orleans where the music always plays, the gumbo is always delicious and the blood, the blood Never Stops Flowing. It's been several years since The Mikaelson's defeated The Hollow and scattered to the farthest part's of the globe leaving Hope Mikaelson to bring together her family, will there always be "Always and Forever" or will her family crumble around her and cease to exist.
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TVD & TO: What's your Story?
Private [Room for new members, Want to join PM the Admin @Legedanry Fanatic] (ACTIVE Fall 2018) Completely AU story like you've never seen TVD before, none of the character you know have ever existed. Instead you get to create the cast and characters in the Universe of TVD/TO in your own image. Unlimited OC's to create with literally unlimited potential. Create a Salvatore, a Bennett, and yes even someone apart of the Original Family. The choices you make are what define you...so what's your story?
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Tinted Blood
Is water truly thicker than blood? What is the bond of family worth? What about the bond of love? Katherine Pierce returns to Mystic Falls, and in her wake brings a hybrid crashing down upon the town. All bonds of love, and family are about to be tested...who will be the last one standing?
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The Vampire Diaries 101
This is a Role play forum for those of you who LOVE the Vampire Diaries. Any character is accepted. All characters are alive if they were dead including Mason Lockwood, Ric Saltzman, Kol & Finn Mikaelson and many more! You can even Be Silas if you want! you can create your own if you want to. Please Join this RP!
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Backwards We Run
This forum is dead and I don't have the motivation to fix it.
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The Vampire Diaries Originals RPG
This is a role play that is set back when the Originals were still human. I know there's another one like this on here, but I wanted to try my own.
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Vampire Gaurdian 101 A Story Forum
This is a forum I'm using for a fanfiction I trying to write. Any participants will get full credit for the lines and plot-points used in the fanfiction. Please ENTER and have fun!
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TVD Roleplay
English - Topics: 14 - Posts: 637 - Since: 10-06-12 - Admin: Welcome Baby Lulu And Alena
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