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Since I get questions from several people at once and seem to have long Author's notes at the end of each chapter I'm going to try this instead. I'll post answers to common questions, my thought process for doing something that readers are either loving/
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Only the best TV show!
Right about what you thought of the series! I personally love it! And Logan is HOTT!
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Veronica Mars Challenges And Prompts
Here's a forum to post VM challenges and prompts as well as take a challenge to write. Crossover challenges are welcome as well. Most of the challenges I post will be centered around Veronica/Lamb, Logan/Veronica and Veronica crossover pairings as well as Lamb crossover pairings as well. I have quite a few Buffy/Lamb challenges as well.
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Welcome to the Sheriff's Department
A forum for the discussion of Sheriff Lamb, Leo, Sachs, Inga, Cliff, Barry, and everyone else involved in Neptune's law and order.
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Veronica Mars LoVe
Dicuss Your Favorite LoVe Moments in Veronica Mars.
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Mars Investigations Guild Forum
Hey Guild members heres a board to post alerts, info or just talk!
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Veronica's men
This is about the men in Veronica's life. It could be Duncan, Keith, or even Cassidy. Any guy, any discussion. This is the place. But I like to post about guys that aren't discussed that frequently. They don'y have to be regulars.
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Weevil and Veronica Shippers! : Because Weevil will love her long time!
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Veronica Mars: She's a Marshmallow!
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VM Challenge Post
A place to find VM challenges. More info inside.
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AnYtHiNg AnD eVeRyThInG
EVERYONE welcome. Discuss the show and/ or related stories. COme and make friends and have fun.
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Neptune Noir
I got many questions regarding the stories/plots/characters from many people. Instead putting all the answers on my Author's Note, I think this is the place to be.
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